Bernard Jenkin

Brexiteer MP calls Bercow ruling 'most unusual'
Sir Bernard Jenkin accuses the Speaker of "pleasing one lot more than the other" by refusing to allow a vote on the PM's Brexit deal.
Anger at May's new Brexit plan 'could boost quit calls'
Backbench MP says the negative reaction to the PM's latest Brexit proposal will put pressure on her.
Brexit: Theresa May and Bernard Jenkin on leaving EU
The prime minister says that if other MPs had voted with her, then the UK "would no longer be a member" of the EU.
PMQs: Bernard Jenkin and David Lidington on Brexit progress
Brexiteer Sir Bernard Jenkin asks about a 'hold-up' of the 'Malthouse compromise' to deal with the Northern Ireland backstop.
Pregnant MP Tulip Siddiq delays child birth for Brexit vote
After Tulip Siddiq MP delays the birth of her child to take part in Tuesday's Brexit vote, some MPs says it shows the need for proxy votes for new parents in Parliament.