Acid attacks

  1. Acid Attack: My Story

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    Video caption: Documentary looking into a 2012 acid attack on Naomi Oni.

    Documentary looking into the rise in acid attacks in the UK, focusing on a 2012 attack on Naomi Oni who was doused in acid after being stalked through London.

  2. Katie Piper: Coping with adversity, acceptance and journaling

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    Video caption: Katie Piper on how being severely injured by an acid attack has shaped her outlook.

    Presenter, author and inspirational speaker Katie Piper on how her acceptance of being severely injured by an acid attack has helped her to stay positive during difficult times.

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    Video caption: US acid attack victim's emotional press conference

    Mahud Villalaz says he was attacked with acid after he was accused of being in the country illegally.

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    Video caption: London acid attack victim regains sight via new surgery

    A man blinded in one eye after an acid attack has regained his sight after pioneering surgery.

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    Video caption: Ugandan acid attack survivors speak out

    Two women share their stories of surviving and then recovering from acid attacks in Uganda.

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    Video caption: Acid attack: 'My attacker watched me burn'

    Joe Davies' life changed after a man he thought was his friend threw drain cleaner at him.