75th anniversary of D-Day

D-Day veteran to be awarded World War Two medals

A Cumbrian veteran of the D-Day landings will be awarded his World War Two medals today.

Like many soldiers, 95-year-old Derek Whitfield, from Carlisle, didn't apply for the medals at the time.

He was prompted by a suggestion from his son after seeing events held to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day.

The medals will be formally presented during a ceremony this morning at Carlisle Castle.

Derek says he has mixed feeling about receiving them.

You don't feel as though you've earned the medals. You don't feel as though you've done anything else, anything different to what the others did. You just happened to be lucky and come through, that's all. I know what I went through and to be terrified once in your life is enough."

French Resistance hero taken for flight in Spitfire of pilot he rescued just after D-Day.
Albert Souetaert was just 15 when he saved a Canadian pilot, after seeing him shot down in Normandy.

The plane that crashed in Ampfield

Worshipers in Ampfield remember the plane that crashed 75 years ago.
Just a couple of weeks ago the nation marked the 75th anniversary of the D Day landings.

Of course that was only the beginning of a long, difficult and costly story that ended on VE Day in May 1945.

On Tuesday a special service is being held in the Hampshire village of Ampfield to commemorate a aircraft that crashed as it was returning from a support mission over France.

'Overwhelming' response as D-Day veteran goes viral

BBC Spotlight

Harry Billinge has received letters of thanks from all over the world

A D-Day veteran who featured in the BBC's D-Day 75th anniversary commemorations says the public response to his television appearance has been "overwhelming".

After Harry Billinge appeared on BBC Breakfast, the interview went viral on social media and has reached more than 20m people.

Since then, Mr Billinge, 93, has been receiving letters from all over the world.

Everybody has said 'I saw you on the telly, Harry'. It's all very overwhelming...It's been wonderful. Everybody's very kind to me. I've got more friends now than I ever have before, through the television and all this wonderful technology."

Harry BillingeD-Day veteran

Mr Billinge, who lives in St Austell, had already raised more than £10,000 towards the Normandy Memorial, the first part of which was unveiled on 6 June.

More money is needed to complete the project, and the Normandy Memorial Trust says Mr Billinge's appearance led to a surge in donations.

Steph is joined by Bay House School students from Gosport

Performing a play live about D-Day.

D-Day parachute jump: we catch up with veteran Harry Reed after his leap at 95 year old

Harry Reed from Bournemouth describes his D-Day celebration jump into Normandy.
If you were watching the coverage of D-Day 75 you can't have missed the story of Harry Reed.  

BBC Radio Solent have spoken to 95-year-old Harry before when he did his first parachute jump since he dropped into enemy territory on D-Day.

 And as part of the D-Day celebrations, he did it again - with national and global media coverage...

Harry spoke to Steve Harris about his incredible jump, and the reason he decided to take the leap so many years later.