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    Video caption: Scottish Conservatives plan John Swinney no confidence vote

    The Scottish Conservatives are pushing for the vote over John Swinnney's handling of. the Alex Salmond case.

  2. Douglas Ross: Lockdown easing must be 'data driven'

    Douglas Ross

    Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross says the figures reflect the efforts and sacrifices everyone has made to drive infections down.

    But he tells BBC One's Coronavirus Update he would like both the UK and Scottish governments to "give people hope".

    He adds: "I am not in any way calling for dates. It has to be data driven."

    Mr Ross also renewed calls for jobs to be protected as the country faces an economic emergency as well as a health crisis.

    On vaccinations, the Moray MP says people working in frontline services, such as teachers and police officers, should be prioritised for the next phase.

  3. Restrictions necessary, says Scottish Conservative leader

    Dougla Ross

    Douglas Ross, leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, said families "would be devastated" at the new measures so close to Christmas.

    However, he added: "Given the rapidly increasing spread of the virus across the UK, and until our scientists know more about the transmission of this new variant, it is understandable why these restrictions are necessary at this time."

    Quote Message: None of us want this, but these sacrifices will save lives." from Douglas Ross Leader of Scottish Conservative Party
    Douglas RossLeader of Scottish Conservative Party
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    Video caption: Douglas Ross puts focus on Scottish communities

    The Scottish Tory leader says rebuilding communities will be at the heart of his party's agenda.