#MeToo campaign

Classicist Mary Beard on the 'nude' in the post #MeToo era
Classicist Mary Beard explains one of her favourite paintings, Titian's Tarquin and Lucretia.

How sex scenes are adapting to a changing Hollywood

Intimacy coordinators are playing a new role protecting actors on set
Imagine being an actor on a film or television set about to shoot your first make-believe sex scene. 

Who are you going to turn to for help and advice, or even protection? 

This is the responsibility being taken on by intimacy coordinators, who have been found on ever more film sets in the two years since the beginning of the #MeToo movement. 

The HBO television network, for example, insists that any scene involving nudity or intimacy must involve an intimacy director on set. 

Tonia Sina Campanella works as an intimacy coordinator and explains how their role has evolved over the past couple of years.

(Photo: Jason Sudeikis kisses Alison Brie on the movie set of 'Sleeping With Other People' Credit: Getty Images)