1. Florence Nightingale Museum to partially reopen

    Florence Nightingale museum

    The Florence Nightingale Museum is to partially reopen with a series of open weekends throughout the rest of the year.

    The institution, based on the site of St Thomas' Hospital, previously announced it had closed for the foreseeable future due to the financial effects of the pandemic.

    Museum bosses said emergency funding from the Culture Recovery Fund meant it would now have a limited reopening with open weekends on the first full weekend of every month from June.

    The museum's director David Green said: "We are extremely pleased to be opening our doors again, if only for a limited time.

    "These will be very special, now-rare, opportunities to explore the life of the woman whose name has been used so much over the past year and whose legacy shines through the remarkable work of the health care professionals that have been fighting the pandemic."

  2. Exhibitions extended for Museum of London reopening

    Museum of London

    The Museum of London and the Museum of London Docklands are to reopen on 19 May, it has been announced.

    Exhibitions at the two sites have been extended. Dub London: Bassline of a City will run until 5 September, Havering Hoard: A Bronze Age Mystery will be extended until 22 August and The Krios of Sierra Leone will be open until 4 July.

    Both museums will be free to enter but tickets for timed entry have to be booked in advance.

    Sharon Ament, director of the Museum of London, said "our teams have been busy behind the scenes readying our sites to safely welcome our visitors once again".

    "From Havering Hoard: A Bronze Age Mystery at the Museum of London Docklands to Dub London: Bassline of a City at the Museum of London this will most certainly be the summer to visit us and we cannot wait to welcome everyone who does. It has been too long!” she said.

  3. Video content

    Video caption: Anna Pavlova ballet dress restored in Museum of London video series

    The costume worn by Anna Pavlova belongs in the Museum of London collection but rarely goes on display.

  4. Black Country Living Museum gets multi-million pound boost

    The Black Country Living Museum, which has doubled as a set for TV series Peaky Blinders, will receive £3.74m from the government's Culture Recovery Fund.

    It is one of 22 heritage sites in the country that will benefit from the fund, with each receiving a share of £13.5m.

    Black Country Living Museum

    The money will be used for regeneration and maintenance projects that were planned before the coronavirus pandemic, and now face delays or increased costs.

    The museum in Dudley is currently being used as a Covid-19 vaccination centre.

    Before the pandemic, it had been planning "the single biggest development in its history" - a plan to translocate the town's 1894 Woodside Library, brick by brick, to its museum site.

  5. "Museums must own up that these objects were stolen"

    Video content

    Video caption: African artists and curators want to take control of their own cultural narrative

    African artists and curators want to take control of their own cultural narrative