Lockdown gigs: Performing in a pandemic

Can virtual gigs make up for loss of income as the touring circuit remains shut down?
The global live events industry has essentially been shuttered since March 2020. With little to no activity, many artists - and their road crew - have been severely impacted. For India’s nearly 10 million people employed in the industry, the cost has been great, and the hardships many.

Many performers have taken to live-streaming in an effort to stay afloat, or to just stay positive. Many others are participating in virtual concerts, saying it offers them a much-needed creative outlet and builds a sense of community for artists and audiences alike.

But do virtual gigs make up for the loss of income as the touring circuit effectively remains shut down?

In this edition of WorklifeIndia, we look at the nitty gritty of how live performers are adapting to online shows.

Presenter: Devina Gupta

Contributors: Raja Kumari, rapper, songwriter; Papa CJ, stand-up comedian, author; Tej Brar, founder, CEO, Third Culture Entertainment

Hip-hop: The Notorious B.I.G's crown is up for auction

One of Hip-hop's most iconic items is up for sale to raise funds for charity
It's a cheap, plastic crown, but it could cost you well over $200,000 thanks to its position as possibly the most famous icon of Hip-hop, worn in a photo shoot by the late Notorious B.I.G to declare himself "King of New York" in 1997.

The crown is up for sale in Sotheby's first ever Hip-hop auction - along with memorabilia from other performers like Tupac Shakur and Salt-N-Pepa. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Queens Public Library Foundation, to support their Hip-hop program, coordinated by “Uncle” Ralph McDaniels.

"Radio stations didn't want to play this music, they thought it was a fad, they thought it was ghetto music, and now it's become the number one music in the world."

(The crown worn by Notorious B.I.G. on display at Sotheby's New York. Credit: Getty Images)