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As of 15:48 16 Nov 2018

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Starbucks like-for-like sales beat forecasts

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Coffee chain Starbucks has reported a 3% rise in like-for-like sales during the fourth quarter, ahead of expectations for a 2.2% increase.

Starbucks pays 2.8% UK tax rate - FT

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Starbucks tax affairs are questioned by the Financial Times today.

It reports that Starbucks' European business effectively had a UK tax rate of just 2.8% in the year to the end of 2017.

The report has a number of other calculations for the tax rate. It also points out that it is difficult to work out Starbucks' tax liabilities as it has five entities based in the UK - a structure which tax campaigners say is much too complicated.

Good morning!

Welcome to Business Live and a veritable avalanche of company results.

In the UK, Sky will reveal its financials this morning while later on, its would-be acquirer, US cable giant Comcast, will announce its second quarter results.

Drinks giant Diageo, oil specialist Shell and miner Anglo American will also provide updates.

Over in the US, watch out for Amazon, Intel, Starbucks and McDonald's when they announce their results later.

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