1. Century-old Kenyan fig tree saved after protests

    Fig tree in Nairobi
    Image caption: The fig tree is a popular symbol in Nairobi

    Environmental activists in Kenya have welcomed a presidential declaration to save a 100-year-old fig tree that had been marked for removal to make way for a road project.

    Activists have been demonstrating for weeks to oppose the cutting down of trees in the capital to clear the way for the Nairobi Expressway, a 17-mile, four-lane highway which is aimed at reducing traffic.

    “Whatever development that is going to happen here will not touch this tree,” said Maj Gen Mohammed Badi, director general of the Nairobi Metropolitan Services, who issued the declaration on behalf of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    It also declared the fig tree “as a beacon of Kenya’s cultural and ecological heritage."

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  3. Meanwhile in Nairobi

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  6. Nairobi weddings halted over coronavirus - again

    Bride and groom
    Image caption: The number of people getting married was a health concern

    Kenya has suspended marriage services in the capital, Nairobi, a day of restarting ceremonies.

    This is because the high number of couples seeking to tie the knot has become a threat to social-distancing measures.

    Civil unions in the city are conducted in the attorney general's office, Sheria House, which was partially re-opened on Monday after being closed because of the coronavirus outbreak.

    But Registrar-General Mary Njuya said the "overwhelming" number of visitors to the building was now a health concern.

    "As a result, the office has temporarily halted all marriage services in order to develop a clear roadmap on reopening in an organised manner as guided by the Ministry of Health," she said in a statement on Tuesday.

    Ms Njuya promised services would resume as soon as it was practically possible.

    Kenya recognises civil unions, religious marriages and traditional customary unions as legitimate ways of getting married.

    The government has banned travel in and out of Nairobi, as well as three counties in the coastal region, in an effort to contain the spread of coronavirus.

  7. One killed in 'bad road' protest in Kenya

    Emmanuel Igunza

    BBC News, Nairobi

    One person has been shot dead and dozens injured after demonstrators clashed with police in Kenya's Kasarani district, north-east of the capital, Nairobi.

    For four days now angry protesters have burnt tyres, dumped stinking rubbish and blocked all roads into and out of the sprawling suburb.

    They are protesting against the poor state of the main road in the area.

    Buses and taxes have kept off the road, forcing people to walk for long distances to work and school.

    Businesses in the area have also been closed.

    Residents there have accused leaders of seeking to gain political capital out of the issue but failing to fix the road.

    One person tweeted a clip of the unrest:

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    Residents say four people were shot and killed by police, who used tear gas and water canons on Wednesday.

    But the police deny this saying only one death is being investigated following the day-long battle between police and young people.

    MP for the area, Mercy Gakuya, has confirmed the death of a 20-year-old protester but says the legitimate concerns of residents have been hijacked by her political opponents.

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  10. Outraged Nairobi governor hits back after arrest

    Nairobi's governor has responded to his arrest on suspicion of corruption by accusing Kenya's anti-graft body of "shallow work" and "insubordination".

    "I stand for justice and I am more than ready for the court process where I will unleash my armoury against these conspirators," Governor Mike Sonko says in the statement issued by his office.

    The BBC's Emmanuel Igunza in Kenya's capital, Nairobi, says Mr Sonko is a divisive politician who has previously faced allegations of drug trafficking and money laundering, which he denies.

    Mr Sonko has long claimed that he is the subject of a political witch hunt, and his letter issued on Friday also accuses his opponents of setting "political traps" for him.

    "I want to confidently state from the onset that I am more than ready for the lawful course that will help us know the truth," his letter adds.

    You can read the statement in full here:

    A copy of the statement from Mike Sonko's office