Eating disorders

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'The thought of food petrified me'

A Lincolnshire woman was living on a diet eating only sausages and ice cream for 20 years.
WWE star Alexa Bliss on overcoming anorexia twice and how bodybuilding ‘saved’ her.
Alexa Bliss says she was 'saved' from an eating disorder by bodybuilding.

Challenging the Stereotype that Eating Disorders are a "White" Problem

Do we need to talk about race and eating disorders?
Stephanie Covington Armstrong is a playwright and screenwriter and author of ‘Not all Black Girls Know How to Eat’ - an account of how she suffered from bulimia during her teenage years after being raped when she was 12.
She talks about the role race plays in the treatment and recognition of eating disorders and why it's so important for people in the black community to speak out about these issues.

(Picture: Stephanie Covington Armstrong, Credit: BBC)