Mayor of the Liverpool City Region

Mayoral Election Results

Steve Rotheram


Steve Rotheram


First round results for mayoral election

First round results for mayoral election
Candidate First pref votes Percentage Second pref votes Percentage

Candidate Labour

Steve Rotheram

First pref votes171,167 Percentage59.3% Second pref votes- Percentage-

Candidate Conservative

Tony Caldeira

First pref votes58,805 Percentage20.4% Second pref votes- Percentage-

Candidate Liberal Democrat

Carl Cashman

First pref votes19,751 Percentage6.8% Second pref votes- Percentage-

Candidate Green

Tom Crone

First pref votes14,094 Percentage4.9% Second pref votes- Percentage-

Candidate UKIP

Paula Walters

First pref votes11,946 Percentage4.1% Second pref votes- Percentage-

Candidate Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Roger Bannister

First pref votes7,881 Percentage2.7% Second pref votes- Percentage-

Candidate Women's Equality Party

Tabitha Morton

First pref votes4,287 Percentage1.5% Second pref votes- Percentage-

Candidate Get The Coppers Off The Jury Party

Paul Breen

First pref votes729 Percentage0.3% Second pref votes- Percentage-

Second preference votes are only used to elect the mayor if no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote. The top two candidates then receive the second preference votes from their eliminated opponents.


Electorate: 1,116,495

What area does this Mayor cover?

Map showing the area electing the mayor for Liverpool City Region

Latest Updates

Council tax increase to fund Liverpool mayor

An extra charge on this year's council tax bill has been proposed to pay for the Liverpool City Region's mayor.

Steve Rotheram
Getty Images

Householders will be charged an average of about £16 annually to pay for Steve Rotheram's £77,500 salary, as well as his transport and housing projects.

The precept, expected to raise £7.6m per year, will also cover the general running costs of the mayor's office.

Mr Rotheram said funding cuts had left him with "no option" but the Taxpayers' Alliance said it was "insensitive".

Neighbourhoods need 'good design' says mayor

Good design should be higher up the agenda when it comes to planning new buildings on Merseyside, according to the Liverpool City Region mayor.

Steve Rotheram has appointed his first "design champion" - Paul Monaghan, who was born in West Derby - to "promote good design" and improve the way our neighbourhoods look.

Paul Monaghan
Paul Monaghan

Mr Rotheram said it was "impossible to overstate the importance of the quality of the buildings we live, work in and see every day, for our wellbeing and quality of life".

Liverpool has some of the finest public buildings and spaces in Europe and I hope my role as Design Champion will help to ensure that new development supports and builds on that legacy".

Paul Monaghan
Anderson wants a new hate crime law for attacking rough sleepers
Attacks on rough sleepers should be classed as a new hate crime, says the elected mayor or Liverpool.

Little Boy giant opened to public

The Little Boy Giant dozing in his hammock will be revealed to the public in Liverpool later to mark the start of Merseyside's giant puppet show.

Little Boy Giant

He will be on display in St George's Hall from midday before he starts his journey this weekend.

Royal de Luxe's Liverpool's Dream show will see a set of marionettes roaming the region from 5 to 7 October.

They will cover a 20-mile route in what will be the final time they are used by the company.