New Hampshire

  1. BreakingBiden projected to win New Hampshire

    New Hampshire graphic

    Another state projected now for Joe Biden. New Hampshire is predicted to vote for the Democrat.

    The New England state voted for George W Bush in 2000 but has otherwise delivered wins for the Democrats in every race since 1992.

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    Video caption: Coronavirus: Hairdresser makes 'emergency' colour drop-offs

    Deborah Diehl has been helping clients get the products they need to do their own hair at home.

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    Video caption: New Hampshire primary: The winners, losers and quitters

    Candidates claim victory and momentum, put a brave face on defeat or drop out of the race entirely.

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    Video caption: New Hampshire primary: Joe Biden insists 'It ain't over'

    Joe Biden says the Democratic nomination requires "overwhelming support" from black and brown voters

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    Video caption: Andrew Yang drops out of 2020 presidential race

    After a poor showing in New Hampshire, the self-proclaimed "math guy" candidate suspends his campaign.

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    Video caption: New Hampshire primary: A family split over the Democratic race

    Quincy says she's in "hot water" with her father as they spar over which Democrat can beat Donald Trump.

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    Video caption: Buttigieg chokes up as he takes early lead in Iowa result

    After a long delay, 62% of caucus results have been revealed and show former mayor Pete Buttigieg in the lead.

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    Video caption: Snow racers in New Hampshire on two years of Trump

    Voters at New Hampshire's Winter Blast car race assess two years of President Trump.

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    Video caption: Trump urges death penalty for drug dealers

    The US president claims other countries with a zero tolerance approach 'have no drug problem'.