Benjamin Netanyahu

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    Video caption: Oops, wrong chair- Netanyahu sits in PM chair after loss

    After a vote installing a new government, Benjamin Netanyahu sat back down, but in a seat that was no longer his.

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    Video caption: 'We hope it's the beginning of a new Israel'

    Many Israelis celebrate as a new coalition government ends 12 years of Benjamin Netanyahu.

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    Video caption: The unlikely coalition that could end Benjamin Netanyahu's premiership

    Branded 'dangerous' by Israel's PM, eight opposition parties are proposing the formation of a new government.

  4. Can a right-wing politician finally topple Benjamin Netanyahu?

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    Video caption: Ultra-nationalist leader Naftali Bennett is in talks to form a new governing coalition

    Ultra-nationalist leader Naftali Bennett has announced that his party will join talks to form a new governing coalition with a centre-left party