Blindness and visual-impairment

Volunteers needed to support people with visual impairments

The charity Guide Dogs is looking for people in Cumbria to support people who are visually impaired.

It's part of a service called My Guide, where sighted people offer friendship and companionship as well as practical help to others who can't see well.

There's a waiting list in Cumbria, and the charity is particularly short of volunteers in the Carlisle area.

Fighting for dignity and inclusion

How can India ensure dignity and inclusion for people living with disabilities?
Walking on the streets in many Indian cities is often likened to an adventure. People are seen jostling for space in narrow lanes, hawkers shouting, traffic zooming past and of course cows squatting in the middle of the roads.

But there is very little chance of finding a walkway with a ramp for people with disabilities, or markers to help the visually challenged.

India is home to more than 26 million people with disabilities. A majority of them live in rural areas and struggle for access to education, employment and healthcare. #WorklifeIndia asks how government, corporates and civil society can come together to ensure dignity and inclusion for people living with disabilities.

Presenter: Devina Gupta

Contributors: Devika Malik, para-athlete and co-founder, Wheeling Happiness; Dr Jitender Aggarwal, founder and CEO, Sarthak Educational Trust; Swati Rustagi, Director of HR, Amazon India Operations
Aberdare family's bid for bed that keeps boy, 4, safe
A severely disabled boy needs a specialist bed after being told he no longer qualifies on the NHS.

Do you see in your dreams? And other questions blind people get asked

What do blind people see when they dream?
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