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Guide horse takes to the Tyne and Wear Metro

The Tyne and Wear Metro is hosting a training day for Britain’s first ever guide horse today.

Digby is a tiny American miniature horse - standing at around 33 inches.

He can accompany blind people just like a guide dog and will be going on the Metro system with his owner to get him prepared for his new life.

Katy Smith said she and Digby had both been on a steep learning curve.

"He knows where to find post boxes, he can go across a crossing by pushing a button, waiting for the green man," she said.

"He can press buttons to get into the first class lounge at Darlington station."


The Metro was chosen to familiarise Digby with the sights and sounds of travelling on an underground system, before he is deployed on the London Tube.

It gives him the chance to experience trains, stations, ticket gates, escalators and lifts.