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    Video caption: Gran: Cancer caused headaches like 'a meteor shower'

    Kirsty Henderson was diagnosed with breast cancer after discovering a lump in her breast

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    Video caption: Breast cancer: 'I have one breast, would you like to see it?'

    Three women tell us why having a mastectomy never made them feel less of a woman.

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    Video caption: 'Facebook banned mastectomy nipple tattoo photos'

    Kerry Irvine provides nipple reconstruction for women who have undergone mastectomies.

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    Video caption: Mastectomy video diary: Before and after the surgery

    Hayley was told she had an 85% chance of getting breast cancer, so she decided to get a mastectomy.

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    Video caption: Dancing after breast cancer: 'I feel like a woman again'

    Ex-nurse Gail Stewart began dancing to help recover from her mastectomy four years ago.

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    Video caption: Fashion fit for breast cancer survivors

    A breast cancer survivor is working with fashion students to design clothes for women who've had a mastectomy.

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    Video caption: Peter and Giles who have both had breast cancer talk about how it affected them.

    Peter and Giles who have both had breast cancer and mastectomies talk about how it affected them and how they want more people to know that it's a disease men can get.

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    Video caption: Juliet explains why she said no to breast reconstruction after her mastectomy.

    Juliet, who blogs about her recovery from cancer, explains why she didn’t want breast reconstruction after her mastectomy.

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    Video caption: Fiona Walden, who runs a fabric shop, is helping women who've had mastectomies.

    Fabric shop owner Fiona Walden is makes drain bag covers for women who've had mastectomies.

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    Video caption: Bra tattoo changed great-grandmother's life

    A 69-year-old breast cancer survivor gets her confidence back after having a bra tattoo.

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    Video caption: Lucy helps women after mastectomies by giving them 3D nipple tattoos.

    Lucy, from Bradford, uses a technique not currently in the UK to produce realistic 3D looking nipples for breast cancer survivors.

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    Video caption: Portadown man talks of breast cancer shock

    Ian Cranston warns men that they too can get breast cancer