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Business 'hugely concerned' about Hong Kong

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Riot police storm pro-democracy protests at Hong Kong airport
Riot police storm pro-democracy protests at Hong Kong airport

There has been a slew of companies who have had a bad week in Hong Kong, either having to apologise over how they've described the territory, like Versace, or reverse decisions on allowing their employees to protest, like Cathay Pacific.

Has this damaged Hong Kong's standing?

"Clearly the business community has a huge amount of concerns about the situation in Hong Kong," says Charlie Humphreys, director of corporate affairs at Asia House, which advises companies on how to conduct business in Asia.

Tourism and retail are hit.

It's still a big capital market, however, which will make it hard to ignore as a business centre in the region, he adds.

Hong Kong airport cancels departing flights for a second day
Pro-democracy protesters disrupt flights out of Hong Kong for the second day running

Some stats on Hong Kong's airport

Hong Kong International Airport is one of the world's busiest.

Here are some quick stats to help explain the scale of the disruption currently occurring...

BBC graphic with stats on Hong Kong airport