Migrant caravan

Felipe Gómez Alonzo, el niño de 8 años que murió en busca del sueño americano

Miles de niños migrantes llegan a Estados Unidos a pedir asilo, muchos llegan solos, otros

It's "expected to snowball" as it gets closer

A new Honduran caravan of people is making its way northwards.
President Trump's rhetoric and the tough conditions encountered by previous migrants have not deterred people in Honduras from wanting to make the journey to the United States. People have been organising another caravan that is planned to set off today. Jeff Ernst is a journalist who has been covering the story from Honduras and told me the latest

(Pic:  Hondurans, part of a new caravan of migrants travelling towards the United States, board a truck as they hitch a ride in Cofradia ; Credit: Reuters )