Leeds City Council

2021 Labour hold, from 2019

Counting complete. After 34 of 34 seats declared.

Change compared with 2019
  1. Labour

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 19
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change -2
    • Councillors overall total 54
  2. Conservative

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 9
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change +1
    • Councillors overall total 24
  3. Independent

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 3
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change +1
    • Councillors overall total 10
  4. Liberal Democrat

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 2
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change 0
    • Councillors overall total 8
  5. Green

    • Councillors elected in 2021 total 1
    • Councillors elected in 2021 change 0
    • Councillors overall total 3
  1. What results are being announced later?

    If you're waking up after voting in an election yesterday wondering when your results are going to be announced, you may have some waiting to do.

    ballot papers

    Only a handful of councils had overnight counts, meaning their results have been announced this morning.

    Later today, we're expecting Kirklees, Wakefield, Bradford, Calderdale and Leeds to announce their council results as they count this morning and into the afternoon.

    We're also waiting to hear about the South Yorkshire mayoral election result - where current Labour mayor Dan Jarvis is not standing for re-election.

    In North Yorkshire, voting happened for the new unitary authority where 90 seats are up for grabs.

    The results for all those are expected between 13:00 and 19:00 today.

  2. Extension plans for Leeds cycle route

    BBC Radio Leeds

    Officials in Leeds are considering extending a cycle route on the edge of the city centre.

    Planned cycle extension

    The plan would see a stretch of about half a mile added to the Dewsbury Road path near Crown Point.

    In total, the council is proposing to create about seven miles of cycle routes around the city centre.

    Councillor Helen Hayden, who oversees infrastructure policy for Leeds City Council, said: “We want to make Leeds a cycle-friendly city by embracing cycling as a normal everyday activity for everyone.

    "We are working on greater and improved connectivity and with more appealing public space to make that vision a reality.”

    People have a month to let the council know what they think of the plans.

  3. Leeds City Square to be 'jewel in the crown'

    Local Democracy Reporting Service

    The planned revamp of Leeds City Square could be the “jewel in the crown” of the city in a jubilee year, a senior civil servant has said.

    Leeds City Square plans

    Plans for the central area include closing the area between the Queens Hotel and Mill Hill Chapel to general traffic, giving priority to pedestrians, public transport and cyclists.

    The space would double in size, with early blueprints including creating a woodland area with trees, water features and informal play areas for children.

    The works are expected to start this April and could be finished by the end of the year.

    The scheme’s programme manager, James Bennett, told a West Yorkshire Combined Authority meeting: “We are in this Jubilee year so, for Leeds, I would say this is the jewel in the crown of all schemes that have come before.

    “It allows us to open up city square as an events space, for example, for the forthcoming city of culture 2023."

  4. Weekend taxi strike planned in Leeds

    Tim Daley

    Journalist, BBC Radio Leeds

    People in Leeds are being advised to plan ahead, as taxi drivers prepare to take part in a 24-hour strike.


    Private hire and Hackney carriage drivers are threatening action between 22:00 on Saturday 28 January and 06:00 on Sunday 29 January, although Leeds City Council says it is not sure how many will actually participate.

    It is the latest move in a campaign against plans to revoke the licences of taxi drivers who get six or more penalty points in a year.

    The Leeds Private Hire Drivers Organisation says the policy is "too draconian", however the council argues it will improve safety.

    Deputy leader of Leeds City Council, councillor Debra Coupar, said: "We have asked the taxi and private hire trade organisations to reconsider their planned action, and continue their dialogue with us.

    "If you are out or working this Saturday night, and would normally rely on taxi or private hire transport to get home, please ensure you consider alternative travel arrangements after 22:00."

  5. 'Happy feat' putting 100-year-old penguin on ice

    A 100-year-old penguin has been put on ice in Leeds to rid it of damaging pests.

    Clare Brown with stuffed penguin

    The stuffed creature will spend the next two weeks chilling out in a giant, state-of-the-art freezer as curators Leeds Discovery Centre give damaging bugs and beetles the cold shoulder.

    The emperor penguin has been given the treatment after experts detected potentially problematic pests which can destroy delicate taxidermy specimens.

    Over the next fortnight, the freezer will keep the Antarctic bird at -30 degrees Celsius, killing off any bugs.

    Clare Brown with stuffed penguin

    Clare Brown, Leeds Museums and Galleries curator of natural sciences, said: "Bugs, moths and pests can cause serious problems and also have the potential to spread to other parts of the collection, so we have to try and stay ahead of them.

    "Fortunately we’re able to quickly get any at risk specimens into the freezer and down to sub-zero temperatures before pests have a chance to do any major damage."

    The emperor penguin is the tallest and heaviest of all living penguin species and the only one which breeds in the harsh conditions of the Antarctic.

  6. City taxi drivers strike against new licence revoke policy

    Hundreds of taxi and minicab drivers are on strike in Leeds in a row over over plans to revoke their licences if they get six penalty points in a year.

    Leeds taxis

    Leeds City Council's new "six point policy" comes into force on 2 February and will result in a three-year suspension of offending drivers' taxi and private hire licences.

    The council said the move would "improve passenger safety".

    Taxi drivers protest in Leeds

    But drivers say council officials don't understand the pressures they face while at work and the policy is "too draconian" and "disproportionate".

    Hundreds of drivers protested against the plans outside Leeds Civic Hall last week (pictured).