Leeds City Council

There has been a boundary change in Leeds. Although there are no more or less seats, these ones have never been contested before.

To work out change, our experts have analysed previous results to say who the seats would have belonged to in other elections.

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Election 2018 Results

Party Elected in 2018 Total councillors Change


Elected in 2018 61 Total councillors 61 Change-2


Elected in 2018 22 Total councillors 22 Change+3


Elected in 2018 8 Total councillors 8 Change+3

PartyLiberal Democrat

Elected in 2018 6 Total councillors 6 Change-3


Elected in 2018 2 Total councillors 2 Change-1
Councillors change compared with 2016

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Outstanding report for children's services in Leeds

Children's services in Leeds have had an outstanding inspection, according to a government report.

Leeds City Council
Andrew Yates/AFP/Getty Images

Inspectors Ofsted rated two areas outstanding with a third on children in care given a good rating.

Overall, the effectiveness of the council's offering was classed as outstanding.

Services in Bradford, Kirklees and Wakefield are currently inadequate while Calderdale Council has been judged as requiring improvement.

Serious criminals face ban on becoming taxi drivers

People convicted of serious criminal offences, including violence and terrorism, could be banned from becoming a taxi or minicab driver in parts of Yorkshire.

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Currently, people convicted of these crimes and others, including drink and drug-driving, can still apply for a licence after a certain time has elapsed and only once they've completed their sentences.

But members of the public are now being asked to have their say on a proposal to introduce higher and consistent standards for Hackney carriage and private hire licensed drivers who have been convicted of offences.

Bradford, Calderdale, Leeds, Kirklees, Wakefield and York Councils are proposing a policy which will provide a common legal position, meaning drivers who've committed serious criminal offences will never be licensed.

We believe the introduction of a new policy will provide greater confidence for those who use Hackney carriage and private hire vehicles and will also ensure our passengers are as safe as possible."

Councillor Sarah Ferriby, Bradford Council

Airport rail link could be open in five years

A new railway station that would serve Leeds Bradford Airport could be open in five years, according to Leeds City Council.


The station would be about a mile from the airport and would involve passengers having to get a connecting bus.

It would mean a car park for 350 cars would be built on farmland near Cookridge.