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  1. Three-tier move sparks councils' call for 'urgent funding'

    Council leaders in West Yorkshire are calling for a package of "urgent funding" from the government following the announcement of a new three-tier system of coronavirus restrictions.

    Two metre distancing sign

    West Yorkshire is to be put into Tier 2 (high risk) meaning people from different homes can only mix outside, as long as the "rule of six" and social distancing are followed.

    In a joint statement, the leaders of West Yorkshire's councils asked the government for "urgent funding to support efforts to contain the pandemic and protect jobs in line with the region’s Tier 2 status."

    The support they're asking for includes:

    • A Local Restrictions Support Grant providing grants of up to £5,000 every three weeks for retail, leisure and hospitality businesses
    • The continuation of furlough, with government contributing to wages
    • £3.7m to support the expansion of the Covid Recovery Grants Scheme to support businesses to reopening and adapting

    They've also asked for £30m to support further measures to tackle the spread of the virus "through local contact-tracing, community engagement, enforcement, support for those self-isolating and other measures".

    In a statement, the council leaders say: “We need the government to urgently respond so we can address the rising infection rates putting our NHS services under increasing pressure, and to avoid damage to the West Yorkshire economy.”

  2. Government must help with virus 'double whammy' - Council

    The leader of Leeds City Council has called on the government for financial help in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

    Judith Blake

    The call by Labour's Judith Blake comes after the Prime Minister Boris Johnson set out his new Covid three-tier alert system.

    Parts of West Yorkshire are likely to be placed in Tier 2 - which means a "high" alert - following the announcement in the Commons earlier.

    Mr Johnson said most places with local restrictions already in place, which includes Leeds, would "automatically" be placed into the middle alert tier.

    Ms Blake said her team would keep in touch with the local authority team in Liverpool - which is expected to be classed as Tier 3 - or "very high" alert - to see what "lessons we can learn and how we can pull together".

    She added that most local authorities across the North are "really struggling with the double whammy of dealing with the virus and then dealing with the unbelievable hit in terms of our finances, looking at taking millions of pounds out of our budgets next year".

    "This is just not a sustainable position to be in. The government needs to make a step-change and demonstrate that they recognise the role local government can make and work with us, but support us financially and with additional powers, so we can do the work we know will make a difference."

  3. Leeds restrictions could be in place 'through winter'

    Tighter coronavirus restrictions which stop households in Leeds mixing could be in force all winter, the council says.

    2m sign in Leeds

    Stricter rules on meeting other people will be in place in the city from midnight tonight as attempts are made to slow the spread of Covid-19, the government has confirmed.

    Leeds' director of public health, Victoria Eaton, said the city's virus rate was currently 98.5 per 100,000 people, with a positive testing rate of 8.4%.

    She said: "It's clear to see we have very widespread community transmissions right across the city.

    "We have high rates in some of our student areas which we have increased more recently. It's clearly not just an issue for student areas."

    Ms Eaton added that cases were rising in all age groups, not just young adults, and compliance with self-isolation rules was still low in Leeds.

    "We want to find ways to support local people to isolate. The expectation is the restrictions will be in place for a longer period of time, potentially right through the winter," she said.

  4. Analysis: 'Alarming' coronavirus case rise in Leeds

    David Rhodes

    BBC Yorkshire Data Journalist

    Despite repeated warnings from Leeds City Council, the number of new Covid-19 cases in the city has risen throughout September.

    A graph showing weekly cases

    In the seven days to 21 September, there was a record 829 new coronavirus cases identified. That surpasses the peak of new cases in the first wave of pandemic back in late April.

    While mass testing has only been available since May, the sharp increase in cases in the last month has alarmed officials – as the number of new cases has quadrupled in the space of three weeks.

    Leeds is not alone in West Yorkshire – Bradford, Calderdale and Kirklees have all seen record numbers of new cases in the latest week's data.

  5. Leeds to become Covid-19 'area of intervention' - Council

    Leeds is expected to become an "area of intervention" later with coronavirus cases on the rise, Leeds City Council says.

    Leeds from above

    The move follows "detailed discussions" between the council, the government, Public Health England and partners, the council said.

    It means households in the city are expected to face further restrictions from midnight tonight in an effort to control the spread of coronavirus.

    According to the council, the restrictions will include:

    • People cannot meet people they not live with in private homes or gardens, unless they are in their support bubble
    • People cannot visit someone else's home or garden, even if they live outside of Leeds
    • People can still come inside homes or gardens for specific purposes, including where everyone in the gathering lives together or is in the same support bubble; to attend a birth at the mother’s request; or to visit a person who is dying

    However, exemptions include providing childcare for children under 14, caring for a vulnerable person, or for work purposes, the council added.

    Existing arrangements for access to, and contact between, parents and children where the children do not live in the same household as their parents, or one of their parents will remain exempt, the authority adds.

    People in Leeds are also being advised not to socialise with people outside of their own household in restaurants or pubs.

  6. Coronavirus: Leeds households 'should not mix' - Council

    People living in Leeds shouldn't be mixing households - that's the message from the city council as says it expects further restrictions being imposed on the city.

    2m sign

    Council leader Judith Blake says she believes Leeds will be made an "area of intervention" as coronavirus cases rise.

    This means that it will have restrctions similar to that already in place in Bradford, Kirklees and Calderdale.

    Tom Riordan, chief executive of Leeds City Council, said: "What we are trying to do is give a simple message - you shouldn't really mix with other households."

    Mr Riordan said about 780,000 people will come under the new measures, which could be in place through the winter.

    He added: "I think we know from the experience of Leicester, Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire that when these restrictions are brought in they do not tend to be lifted after a week or two."

  7. BreakingLeeds ban on household mixing expected - Council

    A ban on household mixing is expected to be announced today, according to Leeds City Council.


    Council leader Judith Blake says she believes Leeds will be made an "area of intervention" as coronavirus cases rise.

    That means "more household restrictions along the lines of those already in force across three of the West Yorkshire districts in Bradford, Kirkless and Calderdale," she says.

    The rules are expected to change from midnight, Ms Blake adds.