Suez canal

  1. Egypt's Suez Canal to be expanded after blockage

    BBC World Service

    Satellite photograph showing how the Ever Given was wedged across Egypt's Suez Canal - 28 March 2021
    Image caption: This satellite photograph from 28 March shows how the Ever Given was wedged across the canal

    The head of the Suez Canal Authority has said that it plans to expand and deepen the stretch of the canal where the container ship Ever Given became stuck for six days in March.

    Osama Rabie made the remarks at an event attended by the Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, where a variety of infrastructure products were inaugurated.

    The blockage of the Suez Canal caused huge disruption to global trading networks.

    The Ever Given is still being held as the Suez Canal Authority seeks hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation from its owner.

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    Video caption: Navigating a mini Suez Canal in France

    Mariners in France are being taught how to navigate a mini Suez Canal.

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    Video caption: Suez canal: Ever Given container on the move again after being wedged for a week

    The stranded Ever Given container is no longer blocking the canal after being stranded for a week.

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    Video caption: Suez canal: Stuck Ever Given container ship partially freed from shoreline

    The stranded Ever Given has been partly moved but efforts to fully refloat it will continue later.