Tales of the Dorset Ghostbusters

Dorchester prison: "It actually made me question why I was doing this, it was terrifying."
Vicky Briggs and her mum Christine Wright from Weymouth are ghost hunters from Spirit Seekers Dorset. On Sunday 2nd February 2020, the pair will be joined by psychic medium Stacie Luana-Hill for the first Paranormal/Mediumship evening at what is reputedly the most haunted pub in the seaside town.

Eight enthusiasts have paid for the privilege to see or hear things go bump in the night at the Boot Inn on High West Street. Ghost hunting starts at half past 10 in the evening, and already there's an eight month waiting list to attend the next event.  

One of the trio, Stacie Luana-Hill has been a medium since she was a ten year old. It's 15 years since she last visited the Boot Inn, but the memories remain vivid. She told BBC Radio Solent reporter Laurence Herdman, "we had things being thrown at us in the old cellar under the pub, we had voices come across spirit boxes in the bar, we've had the fire re-lit itself, we heard 'Boots' which is probably the most famous ghost in the boot..."

You might think it’s a load of nonsense – but, these three take their business rather seriously.