Online dating

  1. The Dangers of Dating Apps

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    Video caption: Livvy Haydock investigates dating apps and if the pandemic has made them more dangerous.

    Livvy Haydock investigates the dangers of dating apps, how fraudsters and sexual predators abuse them, and what steps users should be taking to protect themselves.

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    Video caption: Dating coach Haifa Barbari shares her top tips on finding love in lockdown

    Author and dating coach Haifa Barbari shares her top tips on how to find love in lockdown.

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    Video caption: Dating in a pandemic: First Dates’ Cici’s top tips

    Jack is tackling dating again after a long-term relationship. Here’s what he’s learnt.

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    Video caption: Dating during lockdown

    Student Pennie and graduate Daniel recently met online. They allowed BBC Scotland's The Nine to join them on their first date in St Andrews.

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    Video caption: A new breed of app is allowing people to go on live video dates, while others watch on.

    Television game shows have made dating a form of entertainment for the masses for decades. Now the phenomenon has moved online - and anyone can play.

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    Video caption: Online dating whilst recovering from cancer in a pandemic.
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    Video caption: LGBT racism: Black people share dating app experiences

    Young gay black people from the West Midlands share their experience of racism on LGBT dating apps.