Hilary Benn

Labour MP Hilary Benn: 'Brexit hangs over British politics'

Labour MP Hilary Benn reacts to the loss of Labour seats so far and says: "There's no doubt Brexit hangs like a spectre over British politics."

Labour MP Hilary Benn says Brexit looms over voters
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Commons Speaker John Bercow criticises the government for pulling a debate on greater tax transparency in the Crown dependencies - with ministers facing potential defeat.
Brexit: MPs asking 'What on earth is going on?', says Benn
Chair of MPs' Brexit committee, Hilary Benn, says the government is undermining its own Brexit negotiations.

Hilary Benn talks about 'Brexit effect'

Hilary Benn says Labour is having a "very good night and a very good morning" in Leeds, where he's MP for the city's Central consituency, although full results are yet to be declared.

Hilary Benn

He admits it's a "mixed night" for his party across the country and says Labour "needs to win people's trust and confidence".

Asked whether Brexit was an issue at the polls, he recalls speaking to a former UKIP voter on the doorstep who said he would vote Labour this time around because the EU referendum had been dealt with.

MPs urged to back customs union exit

David Davis says he expects Parliament to support leaving the customs union
The Brexit Secretary has told MPs that he expects Parliament to uphold the government's policy of leaving the customs union. 

David Davis also accepted that the Commons motion on the final Brexit deal, expected this autumn, could be amended by MPs. 

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