Caroline Nokes

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    Video caption: Caroline Nokes on Tony Abbott joining UK Board of Trade

    Appointing former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott as a UK trade representative would be "awful" says a Conservative MP.

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    Video caption: Coronavirus impact on overweight people questioned in parliament

    Former minister Caroline Noakes has asked how people can "take back control" of their weight.

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    Video caption: Coronavirus: Ex-minister on 'empty' help for stranded Brits

    A Conservative MP tells the foreign secretary that the image of British people sleeping rough on Caracas streets "is not a good one".

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    Video caption: Windrush compensation: David Lammy and Caroline Nokes

    David Lammy questions why details about the caps on Windrush compensation payments were "quietly published online" and criticised the £10,000 limit for those wrongly deported

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    Video caption: Yvette Cooper is confused by Caroline Nokes' position on EU migrants after Brexit

    Labour's Yvette Cooper quizzes Caroline Nokes on whether employers will have to check the immigration status of EU migrants if there is a no-deal Brexit.

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    Video caption: Windrush detentions: Immigration minister Caroline Nokes

    Caroline Nokes says the UK invited people to rebuild Britain and it has a duty to "regularise" their immigration status.