Unprecedented drug shortage linked to Brexit, NHS bosses say

An unprecedented drug shortage is linked to Brexit, NHS bosses say
Hospitals across England are experiencing medicine shortages due to "stockpiling and price pressure as the Brexit deadline approaches", NHS Providers has told BBC Newsnight.  
The trade association warned some trusts had seen shortages of up to 160 different drugs in the past six weeks.
This was compared with just 25 to 30 drugs in normal times, it said.
The Department of Health said there was "no evidence" the "small number of supply issues" were related to Brexit.

Family of girl, 11, with cystic fibrosis could move abroad

The family of an 11-year-old with cystic fibrosis say they are considering moving abroad to get a treatment which is not yet available on the NHS.

Currently an inquiry is under way hoping to break a stalemate between the company which manufactures the drug, and the NHS, in order to make it available in England.

At the moment Orkambi is only occasionally prescribed to people with Cystic Fibrosis on compassionate grounds.

Nikki Green, from Bradfield, West Berkshire. said she is "not ruling out" moving abroad so her daughter may get the treatment she needs.

Pointing out how other countries in the EU have access to the drug, she said: "It just doesn't seem fair that we live in a country like England and you know there are children and families not able to have this."

It follows the mother of a three-year-old patient setting up a petition calling for MPs to debate ways to solve the impasse.

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Nicky Cleave is a Weymouth doctor back in general practice after 20 years away.