1. Portsmouth musician says walking away from family was the 'most empowering decision'

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    Video caption: Wyse shares her struggle with faith and sexuality.
  2. Gay reverend on the church that's been 'an absolute lifesaver'

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    Video caption: Reverend Andy Fitchet says being 'gobby' about his sexuality is really important.
  3. Same-sex couples in Namibia lose court bid over spouses

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    A panel of three judges has dismissed an application by same-sex couples in Namibia for their foreign spouses to live and work in the country.

    The judges of the High Court ruled that they were bund by a 20-year ruling of the more senior Supreme Court that the relationships of same-sex couples were not recognised by Namibian law, rights activist Omar van Reenen told the BBC's Shingai Nyoka.

    The case centred on two couples: Daniel Digashu and Johan Potgieter and a second couple, Anette Seiler-Lilles and Anita Seiler-Lilles.

    Mr Digashu, a South African, had an application for a work permit denied, while German-born Anita Seiler-Lilles failed in a bid to get permanent residency because of their same-sex marital status, Reuters news agency reports.

    Both couples secured their legal partnerships outside Namibia, it says.

    Their legal team is expected to appeal against the ruling.

    The case is one of several recent legal challenges to Namibian laws which human rights groups say are outdated and discriminatory.

    Last year a Namibian high court granted citizenship to a gay couple's two-year-old son born via surrogacy.

  4. Rainbow Saints: LGBTQ+ Supporters Network

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    Video caption: Co-founder Will Morgan chats to Mason about setting up the group.

    Co-founder Will Morgan chats to Mason about setting up the LGBTQ+ Supporters group for Southampton Football Club.

  5. Wessex Wyverns RFC

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    Video caption: Joe Finch from Wessex Wyverns talks to Mason about the LGBTQ+ all-inclusive rugby team.
  6. LGBTQ+ Portsmouth wrestler got 'nothing but love' when coming out

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    Video caption: Brad Slayer says LGBTQ+ inclusive wrestling is 'growing massively'.
  7. By Jack Murley

    Presenter, the BBC's LGBT Sport Podcast

    Matt Cecchin

    Australian rugby league referee Matt Cecchin has taken charge of World Cup and Four Nations games, plus NRL Grand Finals - but after retiring, is looking forward to life on the road.

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