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US President Donald Trump serves fast food to White House guests
National college football champions, the Clemson Tigers, tucked in to a takeaway dinner during their visit to the White House.

China's 'reunion' dessert

In China, a delectable hand-rolled dumpling has become synonymous with union

Pupils so hungry they search bins for food, says head

BBC News Education

The headteacher of a school in Morecambe says some children are so hungry they search in bins for food.

Siobhan Collingwood

Siobhan Collingwood said some pupils were desperately hungry, as a cross-party group of MPs called on the government to appoint a Minister for Hunger to respond to a growth in "food insecurity" in the UK - especially among children.

The Environmental Audit Committee highlighted 2017 Unicef figures showing 19% of children under 15 in the UK live with adults who struggle to buy food.

The committee said ministers had failed to recognise and respond to the problem.