Falkland Islands

Feeding the Falklands

Gerard Baker finds out how Falkland Islanders meet the challenge of eating a varied diet.
Would you buy a pineapple for £15? The Falkland Islands provides much of the squid we eat in Europe. And they can produce more lamb and beef than they could possibly eat. But some food - like fruit - is not so easy to get hold of. Gerard Baker meets islanders to discover how a remote community meets the challenge of providing a varied diet.

Producer: Chris Ledgard

Pause For Thought: 'The overriding experience I have is that people want the world to be a better place.'

David Norfield focuses on what really matters.

Call for new naval ship to carry the name HMS Sheffield

Sheffield Central MP Paul Blomfield is pressing for a new Royal Navy ship to be named after the city, the fourth such ship to carry the name.

The second HMS Sheffield on fire after a missile strike during the Falklands War

The first HMS Sheffield saw service in World War II and was one of the Royal Navy pursuit ships that tracked down the German battleship Bismarck.

The second HMS Sheffield (pictured) was badly damaged in a missile strike by the Argentinian air forces during the Falklands conflict in 1982 and sank in heavy seas while being towed towards South Georgia.

The third HMS Sheffield was sold to the Chilean Navy in 2003 and renamed Almirante Williams.

The third HMS Sheffield moored near Tower Bridge in 2002

The Royal Navy’s new Type 26 Frigates are being named after UK cities, with HMS Glasgow, HMS Belfast and HMS Cardiff already named.

Mr Blomfield said: “It’s time for our city to be recognised with a new HMS Sheffield.

"I’m pleased to add my support to a campaign that has got backing from across the city.”

The Argentine families finding closure in the Falklands
This is the first time Argentine families have been able to visit the graves of their loved ones.