Mayor of the West Midlands

Andy Street re-elected for second term

The 57-year-old won in the second preference count, with a total of 314,669 votes. Read the full story here.

The Mayor of the West Midlands represents around 2.8 million people across seven local council areas - constituent members of the West Midlands Combined Authority - Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton.

Winner, Andy Street, Conservative

Counting complete

Final round results

  1. Conservative, Andy Street
    • final total votes 314,669
    • share 54.0%
  2. Labour, Liam Byrne
    • final total votes 267,626
    • share 46.0%

First round results

  1. Conservative, Andy Street
    • 1st preference total votes 299,318
    • 1st preference share 48.7%
    • 2nd preference total votes 15,351
    • 2nd preference share 39.4%
  2. Labour, Liam Byrne
    • 1st preference total votes 244,009
    • 1st preference share 39.7%
    • 2nd preference total votes 23,617
    • 2nd preference share 60.6%
  3. Green, Steve Caudwell
    • 1st preference total votes 35,559
    • 1st preference share 5.8%
  4. Liberal Democrat, Jenny Wilkinson
    • 1st preference total votes 21,836
    • 1st preference share 3.6%
  5. Reform UK, Pete Durnell
    • 1st preference total votes 13,568
    • 1st preference share 2.2%

Second preference votes are only used to elect the mayor if no candidate receives more than 50% of the vote. The top two candidates then receive the second preference votes from their eliminated opponents.


Registered voters1,968,302
Change since 2017+4.90%
  1. West Midlands to get multimillion-pound Covid recovery funding

    The West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) has announced £5.3m worth of funding to help the region recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

    Video content

    Video caption: Chance Glassworks in Smethwick set to become new urban village

    The money will be split between eight projects across the county, including supporting young people to learn digital skills, providing training for ex-offenders and supporting people over 50 in need.

    Almost £600,000 will also be spent exploring options to regenerate the site of the former Chance Glass works in Smethwick and turn it into a community centre.

    West Midlands Mayor Andy Street said he was "absolutely delighted" with the government funding.

    Quote Message: Whether it is providing young people with digital skills to secure those well-paid jobs that are out there, or targeting help to those left behind to help them achieve their true potential, this cash will make a real difference to the lives of people right across the region. from Andy Street West Midlands Mayor
    Andy StreetWest Midlands Mayor
  2. West Midlands mayor agrees with Covid restriction extension

    The Conservative West Midlands Mayor Andy Street says he agrees with Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to extend Covid-19 restrictions until July.

    Mr Street said extending restrictions until 19 July would mean more people would be able to get their coronavirus vaccine.

    He admitted the delay was going to come "at a cost" to other industries such as hospitality but said without acting, there was the potential the country could go back to stronger restrictions.

    Andy Street

    “If you have two jabs you are pretty safe from this variant, if you either have one jab or no jabs you are at risk of contracting Covid seriously," he said.

    "There are still millions of people over 50 who have not had their two jabs and obviously we haven’t even offered the jab to people under 25.

    “The point is going to come where we have to say we are going to have to live with this disease, that is absolutely right, but the point that I am making….is you have to get to a best proportion of the vulnerable population vaccinated before we make that change in strategy.”

  3. Returning mayor looks to challenges ahead

    Andy Street has been giving his reaction and looking ahead to his second term as mayor of the West Midlands.

    After paying tribute to his rivals and his campaign team he said: "There is no question that the West Midlands faces serious challenges after the impact of Covid."

    Andy Street

    But Mr Street added: "There is no question that the West Midlands will bounce back strongly, and that we will create the dynamic, meritocratic, inclusive society we all crave."

    He closed by saying: "And together we can show Britain that something very special is being made in the West Midlands.”

  4. Defeated Labour candidate pays tribute to rival

    BBC Radio CWR

    Liam Byrne has been generous in defeat to his Conservative rival Andy Street.

    In his speech he paid tribute to the work he has done in a difficult year in which Mr Street lost his mother.

    And he said she would have been proud of what he has achieved.

    Liam Byrne

    In the end he was not able to make up the 55,309 vote-shortfall after the first round of voting, picking up just 600 votes in Wolverhampton, around 300 in Walsall and around 5,000 in Birmingham.

  5. BreakingAndy Street re-elected as West Mids Mayor

    Andy Street has won the race to be West Midlands Mayor.

    The Conservative candidate beat Labour's Liam Byrne by 314,669 votes to 267,626 after second preference votes were cast,

  6. Labour's Byrne fails to make up ground in Wolverhampton

    This is not good news for Labour's Liam Byrne.

    We've just seen the results of the second preference votes from the Wolverhampton area and it's pretty much an even split between them, with 1,719 for him and 1,144 for the Conservative candidate Andy Street.

    If that trend continues he won't be able to make up the gap of 55,309 between them on the first preference votes.

  7. Mayoral vote goes to second round

    The West Mids Mayoral election is going to another round, to allow second preference votes to be counted.

    The Conservative candidate Andy Street achieved 49% of the vote with 299, 318 votes.

    Labour's Liam Byrne got 40% of the vote with 244, 009.

    With Street failing to get to 50 per cent of the vote share, it goes to the second preference.

    People counting votes
  8. Strong support for Andy Street in Solihull

    The votes are in from the Solihull count in the West Midlands Mayor election and Andy Street has had a comfortable win there too.

    He received 41,664 votes to Liam Byrne's 9,515 for Labour.

  9. Results starting to point towards Conservative mayor win

    Kathryn Stanczyszyn

    Political Reporter, BBC Radio WM

    As more results come in, it's starting to look like the Conservatives will win the West Midlands Mayor election.

    As we said earlier, Labour led in the Birmingham count and they're ahead in Sandwell too - but only by around 5,000 votes.

    And that should be a strong Labour area.

    Andy Street has won the Wolverhampton and Walsall races by 2,795 votes and 15,123 votes respectively.

    So it's going to be close, but this could still be decided on the first ballot preferences.

    Andy Street
  10. Mayoral election: Labour lead the way in Birmingham

    We've got the results in for the Birmingham count in the West Midlands Mayor elections - and Labour are in the lead.

    Their candidate, Liam Byrne, leads the Conservative Andy Street by 102,276 votes to 84,817.

    But that's just one of the counts going on, and results elsewhere could turn that on its head.

    Liam Byrne
  11. When will we get the result of the mayoral vote?

    Kathryn Stanczyszyn

    Political Reporter, BBC Radio WM

    So when will we get a result in the West Midlands mayoral election?

    There was speculation that yesterday’s blue sweep could mean a very good day for the Conservative candidate Andy Street and he could possibly even win it from first preference votes.

    Fellow-Conservative Ben Adams won the Staffordshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner vote without the need to look at second preference votes yesterday.

    But it was very close in the mayoral vote last time around.

  12. Visits from prime minister and opposition leader

    Boris Johnson visited the region on Wednesday to show his support for the region's Conservative mayoral candidate Andy Street.

    Mr Johnson joined the current mayor, who is seeking re-election, on one of the region's cycle-for-hire bikes which he said "looked very familiar".

    Boris Johnson

    Later that day Sir Keir Starmer was in Birmingham supporting his party's candidate in the mayoral election, Liam Byrne.

    He spoke to students and asked them how they'd been coping with the pandemic.

    We're not expecting the results of the mayor position until Saturday.

    Sir Keir Starmer
  13. Video content

    Video caption: West Midlands Mayoral Race: Questions residents want answering

    Residents from the region put their questions to the candidates in the running for West Midlands mayor.