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    Video caption: Cars filmed on A10 near Cambridge speeding and crashing into each other

    Video posted on social media shows three cars repeatedly colliding before being abandoned.

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    Video caption: Fenstanton police pursuit driver, 18, narrowly misses bus

    She is filmed driving at double the speed limit and on the wrong side of the road in a village.

  3. Check your cars before driving, says fire service

    For the past few weeks the vast majority of cars have sat idle.

    If your vehicle is one of them, Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service has made a video showing you some simple checks that could be made before you get in it and drive again.

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  4. Thank you for the rainbows

    Rainbow artwork outside a school

    A police force that drove past a rainbow artwork at a school has thanked pupils for taking the time to get creative.

    Cambidgeshire Police tweeted to say officers spotted the "beautiful collage" by Sancton Wood School in Cambridge, whilst on patrol.

    The school said it was was to thank key workers, including staff at Addenbrooke's and Papworth hospitals in the city.

  5. Paint the whole world with a rainbow

    A display of rainbow pictures, presented to Royal Papworth Hospital, by Cambridgeshire Police, now has pride of place by the hospital's main exit.

    They were handed over last week for the Thursday Clap for Carers event.

    Staff thought the pictures, drawn by schoolchildren across Cambridgeshire were so good, they needed to be in a very prominent spot.

    Rainbow pictures
  6. Police fine anglers over lake visits

    Fishermen who made long journeys to lakes in Cambridgeshire have been fined by police.

    Officers said they issued penalty notices to an angler who had travelled 93 miles (150km) from Lowestoft, as well as to people from Northamptonshire and Wolverhampton spotted fishing at the lake by the former Mepal Outdoor Centre, near Ely.

    "People should not be leaving their houses in order to go fishing recreationally," police warned.

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    It comes after officers in the county fined two more anglers on Friday, who had travelled 22 miles (35km) to Burnside Lakes in Cambridge.

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  7. Check who your child is talking to on internet, say police

    As children are spending more time on the internet with schools closed, police are urging parents and carers to talk about the dangers of falling victim to abuse.

    Cambridgeshire Police want them to "have conversations about internet safety", to protect them from grooming.

    Det Ch Insp Andrea Warren said: "We need parents and carers to take an interest in what their children are doing online and have important conversations about what is safe and appropriate.

    “A key question to ask yourself is: Do I know the person my child is communicating with? If not, then this could be cause for concern and act as a warning sign."

    Child on computer
  8. Police not 'monitoring what you are buying'

    Alex Pope

    BBC News Online

    Police in Cambridgeshire have taken to Twitter to clarify that they are not "monitoring what people are buying from supermarkets".

    The force said an earlier message was sent out "with good intentions" by an "over-exuberant officer who has been spoken to since this tweet was published".

    The now-deleted tweet said when officers visited a local supermarket as part of its patrols, it was "good to see everyone was abiding by social distancing measures and the non-essential aisles were empty".

    Police said: "We have had to issue a small number of fines to those who are flouting the rules. None of these have been in relation to shopping or supermarket visits."

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  9. Public can report lockdown flouters, say police


    Members of the public can report "large gatherings" or anyone they feel is breaching the current lockdown restrictions, said Cambridgeshire Police.

    A special page has been created on the force's website for people to report anyone who "significantly" flouts the ongoing lockdown rules.

    Those who repeatedly break the rules, despite warnings, will face fines.

    Officers will not be dispatched to minor infringements, a spokeswoman said, but mass gatherings should be reported.

  10. Happy Kids At Easter art project launched

    Alex Pope

    BBC News Online

    Move over Picasso, an art project has been launched to promote an important safety message.

    Cambridgeshire Police is are asking children to draw an Easter-themed picture that can be displayed in their windows, and to include a smiley face to "promote that everyone deserves a safe and happy upbringing".

    Det Ch Insp Andrea Warren said: "Sadly for some children, home is a place of fear and danger, rather than love and security.

    "Spending more time in that environment at the moment increases the risk of harm to them."

    Easter picture

    It is asking parents and carers to share the images on social media using #HappyKidsAtEaster.

  11. Rainbow spotting leads to drugs arrest

    Alex Pope

    BBC news Online

    A police force out looking for painted rainbows in St Neots said it found a "group of youths who were not social distancing".

    Policing Huntingdonshire, part of Cambridgeshire Police, said on its Facebook page that "another youth came to join the party, but unfortunately brought some illegal drugs".

    Rainbow on railings

    It led to a man being arrested.

    Items taken by police
  12. 'I hadn't thought about the consequences'

    Cambridgeshire Police said officers came across a group of 10 teenage boys when on patrol in Cambourne.

    All but one ran away, the force said, so officers spoke to the remaining boy about the importance of not mixing with people from outside his household.

    The boy said he "hadn't thought about the consequences", with his mother having health issues, police said.


    "We understand it's hard for young people who want to go out and see their friends, but parents please ensure they understand the potential risks to themselves, their families, friends and beyond," a police spokesman said.

    "The government advice is there to protect us all," he added.

  13. Police pop-up shop for busy officers

    Sarah Jenkins

    BBC News Online

    Cambridgeshire Police has set up a pop-up shop for its busy officers.

    An officer said on Twitter they had been volunteering at the shop which aims to provide items to officers who "work long shifts and have very little time to buy essentials".

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