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Yemen crisis: The battle for Hudaydah
Yemen's civil war is approaching a pivotal moment, but the UN warns that the humanitarian crisis could be about to get much worse.
Map of Yemen

Provides an overview of Yemen, including key events and facts about one of the poorest countries in the Middle East

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Yemen crisis: The sick children trapped by the war
The BBC's Orla Guerin meets two children who are unable to receive vital healthcare because of the conflict.

Yemen's War: The humanitarian crisis

A report on critically ill civilians, many of them children, trapped by the war in Yemen
There’s growing concern about the fate of critically ill civilians, many of them children, who are trapped by the conflict in Yemen. The United Nations says dozens of children are dying every day, because the country's medical services are close to collapse. 9 million people there are in need of urgent healthcare, with many suffering severe malnutrition. The UN is calling on all sides in the country's civil war to allow patients who need life-saving care to be flown abroad for treatment. More than three years of civil war has led to the crisis - with the country divided between Houthi rebels backed by Iran, and government forces, supported by a Saudi-led coalition. From Sanaa, Orla Guerin reports.