Anna Soubry

Defected MPs have a disappointing night
All of the centrist MPs who recently defected from Labour and the Conservatives failed to win seats.

Man jailed for 'Jo Cox' threat to Anna Soubry

A man who threatened Change UK leader Anna Soubry, referencing the murdered MP Jo Cox, has been jailed for a year.

Anna Soubry
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Alden Bryce Barlow, 55, of Milton Walk, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, sent a letter to Ms Soubry in her constituency in Nottingham.

The message read: "Cox was first, you are next" and referred to Ms Soubry as "treacherous" and "worthless".

He was jailed at Sheffield Crown Court and given a 10-year order preventing him from contacting Ms Soubry.

He was also ordered not to go near Ms Soubry's constituency address in Nottingham.

Former MP launches Independent Group for Change campaign

Alex Regan

BBC News

Former Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry has launched her campaign as leader of The Independent Group for Change.

Ms Soubry sat as a Conservative in the Broxtowe seat until February, when she resigned the Tory whip and set up the party with fellow MPs.

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The politician said she had received support from members of "all three political parties, including Leave voters".

She said people should not just vote for her because of her views on Brexit, but also "because of my track record of hard work for everybody in Broxtowe".

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