Recycling in the UK

Recycling centres appointment-only system 'a success'

More booking slots have become available for Suffolk’s recycling centres.

The county's 11 sites reopened two weeks ago on an appointment-only basis.

It said 95% off all slots have been booked, amounting to 28,500 appointments.

The council said the booking system has been a "success" and it is now in a position to release 2,068 additional appointments.

Suffolk recycling centre

From tomorrow, car derived vans will be able to access the sites via online booking.

Charges for DIY waste from households, like soil, rubble or hardcore will also be accepted, but trade waste still cannot be taken to the sites.

Not all councils have introduced a booking system for their recycling centres, which has led to queues in other counties.

People queued for up to three hours at the recycling centre at Pitsea, Essex, when it reopened on 18 May.

Queue outside recycling centre
Bucks Council
Queues formed when Buckinghamshire's recycling sites reopened without a booking system

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Grange recycling centre to reopen with booking system

The recycling centre at Grange, which closed last week when the numbers of people there made "social distancing" impossible, is to reopen with a booking system.

Man recycling garden waste
Cumbria County Council

The council says anyone wanting to take waste to the site will need to book a time slot by calling 0300 003 1118 on a day next week.

You can find out when to call for which day on the council's website.

Bulk waste collections to restart in East Suffolk

The collection of bulky items will resume in East Suffolk after the district council temporarily suspended the service due to Covid-19.

White goods bulk waste

From Monday, households can have larger items such as fridges and furniture collected from their properties.

East Suffolk Council said it was satisfied criteria to ensure the safety of its crews had been met.

Three-hour queue at Essex recycling centre

Pete Cooper

BBC News

Many recycling centres across the East have reopened today and there have been long queues.

In Northampton, the queue outside one tip meant there were delays in the post leaving from the nearby Royal Mail sorting office.

While in Essex, the queues outside the centre at Pitsea were up to three hours earlier this afternoon.

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Queues form at Southend recycling centre

Katy Lewis

BBC News Online

We told you earlier that more recycling centres would be reopening this morning for the first time in eight weeks.

In Essex, this was the queue waiting for Southend’s Stock Road centre to open its gates at 07:00.

Southend tip

Council bosses are asking people to make only essential visits, warning of long delays due to new safety rules.

Guidance from Southend-on-Sea Borough Council states only to visit sites if you are unable to safely store waste at home, or are unable to dispose of the waste through alternative options including online bulky waste collections, garden waste services or normal weekly collections.

More recycling centres reopen today

Katy Lewis

BBC News Online

Eighteen of the 24 recycling centres in Essex and all the centres in Northamptonshire are reopening today after the coronavirus lockdown rules were eased.

Stock Road recycling centre, Southend

Essex County Council said there'll be a one-in, one-out system at its 15 sites and social distancing measures will be in place.

Southend Borough Council is extending the opening times at the two tips it runs and Thurrock Council says only five cars will be allowed into its site at any one time with access via Linford only - with a stretch of Buckingham Hill Road closed during the day for the next month.

The nine sites in Northamptonshire will open at 10:00 but the county council is urging people to only visit them if absolutely necessary after long queues built up in other parts of the region last week.

Councillor Jason Smithers said police would be monitoring how busy the surrounding roads are.

Cars queuing outside a recycling centre in Buckinghamshire
Buckinghamshire Council
Traffic queues formed when Buckinghamshire's recycling centres reopened a fortnight ago

Postcode entry for Wiltshire's recycling centres

Nearly all of Wiltshire Council's household recycling centres re-open today.

Visits will be managed by applying a postcode system.

People can visit any site they choose but can only visit on the days that corresponds to where they live.

The site at Stanton St Quintin is the only one that's not re-opening.

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