Renewable energy in the UK

Wind farm

Kevin Keane

BBC Scotland's environment correspondent

The £28.5m Orkney project will use domestic batteries and electric vehicles in a bid to meet supply with demand in a balanced way.

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Energy makes its move

Douglas Fraser

Scotland business & economy editor

An oil rig on a platform
Getty Images

Oil majors have long been trying to mix some greenery with the black stuff, but it's clear now that the pace of that transition is picking up.

  • Oil companies are switching on to renewable technology, to reduce their carbon footprints and be ready for a more electric future.
  • Hopes for a carbon capture and storage industry in Britain have been revived. A new report suggests it could sustain 44,000 jobs in Scotland.
  • North Sea collaboration is being encouraged between offshore wind and offshore oil, with far-reaching possibilities for generating power from gas out at sea, and creating a new hydrogen industry.

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