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Trump cancels Pelosi trip over shutdown

Composite image of Nancy Pelosi and Donald Trump
Reuters / AFP
Mr Trump has postponed Ms Pelosi's trip a day after she called on him to postpone his address to Congress

US President Donald Trump has postponed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's upcoming trip to Brussels, Afghanistan and Egypt, citing the government shutdown.

"I am sure you would agree that postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate," Mr Trump said in a letter.

Mrs Pelosi urged Mr Trump on Wednesday to postpone his State of the Union address, citing the political deadlock.

Mr Trump's move came on the 27th day of a partial US government shutdown.

Nancy Pelosi

Mark Coles looks at the most powerful woman in American politics.
On Profile this week, Mark Coles looks at the most powerful woman in American politics – the veteran Democratic congresswoman and new Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

It’s a remarkable comeback for her…it puts her third in line to the Presidency itself. 

Having first done the job back in 2007 when George W Bush was Commander in Chief – now 78, many thought Pelosi was too old this time round.  
But only a week into the role, she’s already engaged in a bitter war of words with President Trump over his demand for Congress to fund his Mexico border wall.
For many, with the Democrats now controlling Congress, Nancy Pelosi is set to become the face of opposition to the President for the next two years.  

We hear from childhood friends, former colleagues and those who’ve followed her career down the decades.

From campaigning for her dad when he was Mayor of Baltimore back in the 1940s to helping President Obama reform American health care, we examine Nancy Pelosi’s life and career and – in these turbulent times – look at the challenges that lie ahead for her.  

Producer: Smita Patel
Researcher: Darin Graham
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