Homelessness in the United States

  1. The paper that helped the homeless

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    Video caption: The 'Street News' paper was sold by homeless people in New York at a profit to earn money

    In 1989 celebrities in New York set up the 'Street News' paper to help the homeless. People living rough sold the paper instead of begging, the idea was copied around the world.

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    Video caption: How 'Street News' became the first newspaper sold by homeless and unemployed vendors

    In 1989, rock musician Hutchinson Persons set up the street newspaper 'Street News' in response to the increase in homelessness in New York.

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    Video caption: Meeting London's rough sleepers: 'The worst part is not being seen'

    Victoria Derbyshire spends the night meeting rough sleepers in one of the richest parts of London.

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    Video caption: When a homeless couple moved in with a millionaire

    After living on the streets of California for a decade, Greg and Marie received a remarkable invitation.