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  1. Testing idea for Cornwall met with caution

    John Henderson

    BBC Spotlight

    An idea to introduce potential community testing in Cornwall as a way out of the lockdown has been met with caution by tourism leaders and health professionals.

    MP Jeremy Hunt, the chair of the health and social care committee said with a very low number of cases in Cornwall, it could be a place to start "mass community testing".

    Malcolm Bell, chief executive of Visit Cornwall said science, medicine and health should "dominate the agenda and decision making" but if there is a way out of the lockdown it should be seriously looked at to "see if it's possible".

    But he said any possible solution should not "compromise the safety of the residents of Cornwall".

    The south west has got the lowest number of cases of coronavirus, but some health professionals warn there is no room for complacency.

    Dr Bharat Pankhania from the University of Exeter said it is "inevitable" that if the virus is in free circulation and not being controlled "you will get an increase in the number of cases".

    The government has not loosened any restrictions and lockdown continues.

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