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    Video caption: Philippines: Environmentalists criticise artificial beach in Manila Bay

    There is controversy over a new artificial beach in the Philippine capital, Manila made from crushed dolomite rock which some people say is bad for the environment.

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    Video caption: Climate change: Arctic Circle teens call for help to save their homes

    Teenagers living in remote Arctic communities share their concerns about the effects of climate change.

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    Video caption: Climate change action sidelined by Covid-19, say young activists

    More than half of 18 to 24-years-old in the UK are worried that climate change has been neglected because of coronavirus.

  4. The girl who changed the world with an acorn

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    Video caption: BBC Ideas explores our relationship with nature in this urban fairy tale

    An urban fairy tale of hope and redemption, which challenges us to think about the way we interact with the natural world.

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    Video caption: I Am Greta: Movie tells climate activist's 'coming of age' story

    A new documentary follows the teenage climate change activist through her rise to fame.

  6. By Hugo Williams

    BBC News

    zimbabwean girl, Vimbiso Chidamba, inspects some of the few remaining maize cobs amid drought

    For a continent which has barely contributed to climate change, many argue that Africa will bear a disproportionate burden, facing an increase in severe droughts, floods and storms. Here are five ways the continent may be affected.

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    Video caption: Cardiff: Can it become carbon neutral in a decade?

    Fresh food, solar panels and a better world for our children and grandchildren is the plan.

  8. The environmental cost of recovery

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    Video caption: Can India balance growth with protection of its environment?
  9. Jarvis Cocker: Rethinking an Environmental Revolution

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    Video caption: Jarvis contemplates what might awaken us to our duty as stewards of the Earth.

    Musician Cocker asks if the chirrup of the Hen Harrier will be enough to awake in us a new consciousness of our duty as stewards of the Earth

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    Video caption: Over ten years, the £50m prize fund aims to support ideas that will help repair the earth.

    Over the next decade, the £50m prize fund aims to support ideas that will help repair the earth.