Self harm

  1. Surviving Self-Harm

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    Video caption: One teenager's experience of hurting herself and a system struggling with rising demand.

    One teenager's experience of hurting herself and a system struggling with rising demand from ever-younger children.

  2. Mental health services 'need radical redesign'

    Huw Oxburgh

    Local Democracy Reporter

    A depressed child

    Mental health services for children and young people in Sussex would benefit from a “radical redesign”, an independent review has suggested.

    It found young people were waiting too long to access emotional health and wellbeing services, leading to feelings of "frustration and helplessness".

    Its findings have been endorsed by the Clinical Commissioning Groups and Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SPFT), as well as Brighton and Hove City Council, East Sussex County Council and West Sussex County Council.

    In a joint statement to BBC Radio Sussex, a spokesman for these organisations said: “Feedback we have received… has highlighted the current system is not working as well as it should. This is something that needs to rapidly change."

    The spokesman said an independently-led review was commissioned and an "oversight board" had been set up to take the recommendations forward.

    The review has suggested improving the accuracy and availability of data; creating an effective single point of access for those looking for help, and greater investment in places with the highest need.

    It also drew attention to comparatively high levels of self-harm among children and young people in Sussex.

    However, it did not consider the service to be unsafe, saying it was not clear whether the current system had contributed to that.

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    Video caption: Mother's grief as teenager takes own life in Lewes Prison

    Nineteen year-old Jamie Osbourne was on remand and waiting for a bed in a mental health facility.

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    Video caption: Teen suicide: 'Our son couldn't love himself'

    The parents of a boy who took his own life say he "loved everyone but couldn't love himself".

  5. Hurting

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    Video caption: Sally Marlow examines what is driving so many people to self-harm.

    Sally Marlow examines the worrying rise in self-harm and discovers that the reasons behind it are as varied as the people who do it.

  6. Self-harm charity warns it may run out of money

    Neil Smith

    South Cumbria journalist, BBC Cumbria

    A charity that aims to help people in Cumbria likely to harm themselves says unless it gets more money it will have to fold.

    Self-Harm Awareness for All was set up in Barrow, but has since grown to cover the whole county.

    Now, it says that a lack of funds means it is having to withdraw from the north and west of Cumbria, and may have to close completely in two years.

    Rod White has been the charity's chairman for six years but is about to stand down, and he says the existing services are not good enough.

    Quote Message: People have to wait far too long, the service they get depends on how ill they are so in order to get treatment they have to be very ill, so they have to wait until they are that ill to get treatment." from Rod White
    Rod White
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    Video caption: Bournemouth mum takes up boxing to improve mental health

    Bournemouth mum Gemma Ruegg has won a regional title ten weeks after giving birth to her daughter.

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    Video caption: New Forest teenager starts 'different' clothing brand

    Lauren came up with the idea of an inclusive clothing brand after being bullied at school.