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A man in chains next to some palm trees

Layla Mahmood

Journalist - @Laylucha26

The US is deporting record numbers of Somalis - some of whom have lived in America almost all their lives.

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Somalia is exporting fish after 30-year lull

Will Ross

Africa editor, BBC World Service

Somali vendors prepare fish for sale at Bosaso beach in Puntland northeastern Somalia, on December 17, 2016.

For the first time in 30 years Somalia has begun exporting fish to neighbouring Kenya, thanks in part to a reduction in the level of piracy off the Somali coast.

The civil war in Somalia has prevented many businesses from developing. but fish traders in the port of Kismayo say they are now able to export thanks to better refrigeration at a new processing factory.

Kingfish and tuna are the most popular.

In recent years Kenya has increased its imports of fish from China as the country's supply, from the coast as well as Lake Victoria, has been unable to match demand.

German aid worker 'being held in central Somalia'

Ibrahim Aydid

BBC Monitoring

A German aid worker who was abducted early last month from Mogadishu is reportedly being held in the Mudug region of central Somalia.

Reports are saying that the woman is in the hands of armed men in an area about three miles (5km) from Hobyo district.

One of the residents of the area where the aid worker - a nurse, who was working with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) - is being held told the media she was in the hands of about 10 abductors.

He says the abductors have built tents in a place that consists of hills and caves.

According to the IRCR, the nurse had been delivering first aid training for local responders and caring for Somalis at hospitals, health clinics and places of detention when she was seized.

Somalia bans toy gun imports on Eid

Ibrahim Aydid

BBC Monitoring

Somalia's government has released a circular banning importation of toy pistol, guns and bombs on Eid days.

The circular warned businesses importing the toys could have wider implications for the country, possibly motivating the children to engage in violent acts themselves.

Businesses should rather import other goods which will help the children learn over the period, it said.