Ghana's backyard body builders
In Ghana, bodybuilders not wanting to pay gym fees have found an alternative way to pump iron.

Why I moved to Ghana from the US

400 years since the slave trade started, Ghana is encouraging African diaspora to return
This month marks 400 years since the first African slaves arrived in the United States and the beginning of the transatlantic slave trade. Overall some 12 million enslaved Africans were transported across the Atlantic. 

This year is also Ghana's 'Year of Return', an initiative launched by the Ghanaian government to encourage the African diaspora to come back to Ghana. 

Sicley Williams moved to Accra from Atlanta in the US back in 2017. She told Newsday's Bola Mosuro what about her personal reasons for making the move.

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Nancy Pelosi: Seeing Ghana slave site was transformative
Nancy Pelosi says seeing where slaves were kept before going across the Atlantic has been transformative.

Nancy Pelosi tearful as she recalls slave trade

BBC World Service

Nancy Pelosi looks on during her visit to the palace used by Paramount Chief of Cape Coast traditional area, Osaabarima Kwesi Atta II, after her tour at Cape Coast Castle which was used as a trading post from where slaves would be taken to America, in Ghana July 30, 2019.
Nancy Pelosi is leading a high-powered delegation on her visit to Ghana

The Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has given an emotional address to parliament in Ghana on the 400th anniversary of the first enslaved Africans arriving in America.

Ms Pelosi appeared tearful as she recalled the horrors of the slave trade.

She paid tribute to the contribution African Americans had made to the United States and said that Ghana's struggle for independence had been an inspiration for the civil rights movement led by Martin Luther King and others.

Ghanaian traders 'lock up rival Nigerian shops' again

Favour Nunoo

BBC Pidgin

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It is the third time this year that Ghanaian traders had locked Nigerian shops

Ghanaian shop owners have forcefully locked Nigerian-owned shops in a market in the capital Accra after insisting that they are operating illegally, one trader told Citi FM.

It is the third time this year that shops belonging to Nigerians have been locked by Ghanaian traders.

Last month, more than 30 Nigerian-owned shops were locked by unidentified individuals in Ghana’s second largest city, Kumasi.

Recently, local traders in Accra said on a radio show that the locks are a warning to the government to enforce the law that bars foreigners from participating in the retail market.

The president of the Nigerian traders union in Ghana, Chukwuemeka Nnaji, told BBC Pidgin that “the Ecowas protocol gives all citizens of member states equal rights to do business, reside and establish a business in each member state".

“We Nigerians in Ghana have the right to trade here in any kind of business, the law they are quoting is not applicable to Nigerians”, Mr Nnaji added.

But Ghanaian traders insist they want the government to enforce a 2013 law, which they say limits retailing in the country only to Ghanaians.

The shops in the capital remain locked and police have met with Ghanaian and Nigerian traders to resolve the situation.