1. Open for business at Burkina Faso's border with Ghana

    Thomas Naadi

    BBC News, Ghana-Burkina Faso border

    Following Monday’s coup in Burkina Faso, the military announced the closure of the country’s borders.

    Border post between Ghana and Burkina Faso - Wednesday 26 January 2022

    But I have just travelled up from Ghana’s capital, Accra, to the main border post with Burkina Faso to find that it is open with traffic - mainly lorries - passing through.

    Traffic at a border post between Ghana and Burkina Faso - Wednesday 26 January 2022

    It is a very busy road as Burkina Faso is landlocked and depends on Ghana’s sea port for imports.

    A truck at border post between Ghana and Burkina Faso - Wednesday 26 January 2022

    Burkinabès also export lots of tomatoes to Ghana.

    Locals on the Ghanaian side are not even aware that borders with its West African neighbour should be shut.

    A truck with tomatoes at border post between Ghana and Burkina Faso - Wednesday 26 January 2022

    It is business as usual.

  2. Ghanaian speaker's traditional regalia wows Twitter

    Parliamentary speaker Alban Bagbin in his kente outfit
    Image caption: The speaker in his kente robes oversaw proceedings for the re-opening of parliament after its recess

    Ghanaians online are loving their parliamentary speaker's new look.

    Alban Bagbin wore a traditional outfit - with kente fabric and a crown that is worn by chiefs during ceremonies - on Tuesday when parliament reopened after the Christmas break.

    Before breaking up for the holidays, he had asked MPs to ditch formal attire like suits and promote locally made traditional outfits.

    The speaker said he would do so for ceremonial occasions - and tweeted a photo of his regalia for parliament's opening session:

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    The response on Twitter was one of approval.

    "And that's how a Speaker of Parliament in Ghana dresses, in full African attire. This is beautiful," wrote @ibrahimmalcolm.

    @SirRay92 tweeted: "You look splendid Mr Speaker. This is good for Ghana for that matter Africa. Keep it up Sir."

  3. Ghana closes mining company after fatal explosion

    Thomas Naadi

    BBC News, Accra

    Video content

    Video caption: Footage captured the aftermath

    Following a deadly explosion last week, Ghanaian authorities in Ghana have shut down Maxam Mining Company Limited - the company responsible for manufacturing, storing, and transporting explosive materials for mining operations in the country.

    Ghana's Chief Inspector of Mines has also been suspended.

    Investigations are under way, the authorities say, into Thursday's blast near the mining town of Bogoso, that killed at least 14 people and injured dozens of others.

    The explosion has raised a lot of questions regarding safety protocols as trucks transport explosive materials on busy roads.

    The National Disaster Management Organisation says more than 40 critically injured people are being treated in hospitals, and more than 500 homes have been destroyed.

    Government and non-governmental organizations have been sending relief items to survivors.

    These photos show the site of the blast in the village of Apiatse before, and afterwards:

    Before: 16 January 2022
    After: 22 January 2022
  4. Video content

    Video caption: Ghana blast: Many feared dead after huge explosion near Bogoso

    At least 13 people have been killed in huge explosion in the town of Bogoso, south-western Ghana. Dozens were also injured in the blast.

  5. Ghana explosion: At least 17 dead after huge blast near mining town

    Video content

    Video caption: Rescue teams in Ghana are searching for survivors after a huge explosion near a goldmine

    Rescue teams in Ghana are searching for survivors following a huge explosion that killed at least 17 people.

  6. Video content

    Video caption: Ghana blast: Footage captures aftermath of deadly explosion

    Images show destroyed buildings and scattered debris as residents call for help near the town of Bogoso.

  7. Ghana denies alleged plan to host UK asylum seekers

    Wycliffe Muia

    BBC Monitoring

    Ghana has denied reports that it would consider hosting a processing centre for asylum seekers on behalf of the UK.

    Several British news outlets had reported that the UK was drawing up plans to send thousands of asylum seekers to countries "such as Ghana and Rwanda" for processing and resettlement.

    It is reportedly part of an initiative codenamed "Operation Red Meat".

    In a statement on Twitter, Ghana’s Foreign Ministry referred to the policy as "Operation Dead Meat" and said it had not engaged with the UK on the matter and did not intend to consider "any such operation in the future".

    Rwanda said last year that while it had signed a memorandum of understanding on migration with Denmark, receiving asylum seekers for processing was not part of the deal.

    The African Union last year opposed the exportation of asylum seekers from Europe to Africa, terming the move "xenophobic and completely unacceptable".

  8. Ghana police rescue baby trapped in stolen vehicle

    Ghanaian police have rescued a baby trapped in a vehicle that was stolen by gunmen from a church in Kumasi in Asanti region.

    They are hunting for the suspected thieves who later abandoned the car and escaped after a police patrol team chased after them.

    The incident was posted on social media by a person local media believed to be the baby's father:

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    The baby was found in a safe condition and has since been reunited with the mother.

    It is not clear how the baby ended up being alone in the car with the suspected thieves.

    The authorities have called on the general public to provide any information to help arrest the suspects.

  9. Ghana's president meets US rappers

    Ghana's President Nana Akufo-Addo has met two American rappers, Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa, to discuss how to improve links between musicians in the two countries, as well as how to promote Ghana's musical talent.

    Photos of the meeting were posted on the Instagram page of Beyond The Return, a follow-up campaign of Ghana's Year Of Return in 2019, which encouraged members of the African diaspora to visit the country.

    While some people left comments praising the meeting, others thought it a waste of time.

    One person commented on Twitter that the president was meeting "unnecessary people" and should "get better things do".

    Correction 19 January 2022: This post has been amended for editorial reasons

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  10. Denmark frees 'pirates' captured off West Africa

    The Newsroom

    BBC World Service

    Danish navy warship HDMS Esbern Snare pictured in 2014
    Image caption: The pirates, of unknown nationality, were arrested after an exchange of fire with the Danish naval ship Esbern Snare

    Three suspected pirates detained for six weeks on board a Danish naval frigate off West Africa have been released at sea, after Denmark's justice minister waived charges of attempted manslaughter against them.

    The men were detained in November following an exchange of fire with the Danish vessel in the Gulf of Guinea, off Nigeria, that saw several other suspected pirates killed.

    They could have been brought to Denmark for criminal prosecution, but the justice ministry said there was a risk that they could not subsequently be deported, irrespective of any possible conviction.

    This fact might prove an incentive for others to commit criminal acts in an attempt to get prosecuted in Denmark, it said.

    A fourth suspect, who was injured in the incident and taken to a hospital in Ghana, has been flown to Denmark where he is expected to be prosecuted for attempted manslaughter.

    Denmark said it had no other option as diplomatic efforts to find a solution with Ghana failed, and it was felt he could not be released at sea.