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Bannon's Oxford Union appearance sparks anger

Students have criticised a decision by the Oxford Union to invite Steve Bannon to speak to its members tomorrow.

The former White House strategist's appearance has sparked anger on social media.

The students' 'Oxford Stand Up To Racism' group on Facebook complained the Oxford Union is giving a platform to a far-right speaker and legitimising racism.

Stephen Horvath, president of the Oxford Union, said the event provides an opportunity for members to hear from an individual who has been at the centre of the rise in right-wing populism as well as to critically question and debate his ideas and rhetoric.

Steve Bannon

Screen time has little effect on sleep, says Oxford study

Child not sleeping
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Correlations between screen time and lack of sleep are "extremely modest", says the report

The amount of time children spend on devices has little effect on how long they sleep, a study from Oxford University suggests.

It runs counter to previous research that suggested excessive screen time was linked to children failing to get sufficient rest.

The survey concluded that the relationship between sleep and screen use in children was "extremely modest".

But one UK GP said the findings did not tally with his clinical experience.