A Charmed Life: The story of Gris-gris Wrestling

Why do Senegalese wrestlers believe mystical ritual is as important as physical training?
Traditional Senegalese wrestling combines mystical ritual practice with immense physical strength. The belief is that both are equally important in ensuring victory in the ring. But what do these rituals involve, and why are they so important?

Series created and produced by Daisy Walsh
Series directed and shot by Tom Martienssen, edited by Luke André Jackson of Dustoff Films

Photo: Senegalese wrestlers. Credit: BBC
Husband and wife business partners: 'We love pottery as we love life'
Husband and wife Abdoulaye and Mariama, who are both deaf, run a successful pottery business together.

Meet Senegal's top female surfer

Khadjou Sambe changing the world of surfing in Senegal
Khadjou Sambe is changing the world of surfing in Senegal. She is the only Senegalese woman affiliated with the World Surf League and the only real contender for the women’s team at the Olympics in Japan, where surfing will feature for the first time next year. But as a female athlete, Khadjou had to fight discrimination to get to where she is now. Jennifer O'Mahony went to meet her on Dakar's Yoff beach. 

Image and credit: Khadjou Sambe
Senegal teen skating champion on passion for the sport
Sixteen-year-old Khalil Ndiaye is Senegal's top ranked junior in-line skater and 7th in the world.

Senegal president's re-election 'confirmed'

Macky Sall

Senegal's constitutional council has confirmed that President Macky Sall was the winner of last week's election, with 58% of the vote, reports Reuters news agency.

The council confirmed that opposition candidate Idrissa Seck had placed second with 21%, while Ousmane Sonko came third with 16%.

The results were initially rejected by his rivals in the presidential race, but they decided not to register an appeal.