Gatwick drone shutdown

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    Video caption: Developing a mobile drone protection system

    Defence firm Raytheon has developed a mobile system to protect the military and airports from drones.

  2. MOD launches £2m competition to counter drones threat

    Lizzie Massey

    BBC Live reporter

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    The Ministry of Defence has launched a competition to find "innovative solutions" to address the increasing drone threat to the defence and security of the UK.

    The total funding for the competition is expected to be at least £2m.

    The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA), the MOD’s innovation hub, is seeking "robust and cost-effective next-generation solutions" to the risks posed by hostile Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).

    Quote Message: As the security threats from hostile drones are evolving at pace, it’s critical that our armed forces benefit from the very latest technology to stay ahead. This competition will draw on the brightest and best of our defence industry." from Gavin Williamson Defence Secretary
    Gavin WilliamsonDefence Secretary
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    Video caption: Extension to ‘no-fly zone’ comes into force

    Drones banned within 5km of airports and runways

  4. MPs to investigate drone use after Gatwick shutdown

    Bob Dale

    BBC Live reporter

    MPs are to hold an inquiry into the use of drones.

    The investigation, by the Science and Technology select committee, comes after reports of a drone flying over Gatwick caused major disruption for two days before Christmas.

    Gatwick drone disruption at Christmas
    Image caption: The drone reports caused hundreds of flights to be cancelled or diverted

    It was followed by a similar but much smaller incident at Heathrow.

    With the government planning a drones bill later in the year, the committee wants to examine the effectiveness of safety measures built into drones and what anti-drone technology is available.

    Police at Gatwick
    Image caption: Police were unable to track down the drone pilot at Gatwick

    It will also look at plans for registering civilian drones and the economic opportunities they offer.

    The committee is asking for written evidence by 12 April.

    Quote Message: Now is the time for us to influence Government thinking in light of recent incidents and the upcoming Drones Bill." from Norman Lamb MP Chair, Science and Technology Committee
    Norman Lamb MPChair, Science and Technology Committee