Gatwick drone shutdown

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Drone drill to take place after Gatwick incident

Ben Weisz

Political reporter, BBC Sussex

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There will be a drill to practice for another drone incident at an airport in the near future - according to Sussex's Police and Crime Commissioner.

Katy Bourne was asking Sussex Police Chief Constable Giles York about his force's response to the incident at Gatwick Airport last month, when multiple drone sightings over the airfield forced the runway to shut and disrupted thousands of passengers.

Ms Bourne told the meeting that the transport secretary, Chris Grayling, had written to her setting out how the government was preparing in case another incident took place.

One of the measures would be a "rehearsal" organised by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, Ms Bourne said.

Katy Bourne speaking at a meeting with the chief constable
Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner
Katy Bourne was told Sussex Police's criminal investigation into the Gatwick drone incident is still ongoing
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Armed police were poised to shoot down Gatwick drone

Tom Burridge

BBC transport correspondent

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Although shooting-down a drone is far from straight-forward and potentially very risky, I understand that armed police were poised at Gatwick to start shooting during the incident before Christmas.

I’m also told that some of the drone sightings at Gatwick were in critical parts of the airport, near or in landing and take-off zones, making the threat to aircraft all the more real.

The police are said to have photos of the drone or drones used at Gatwick.

However no credible arrests have been made.

UK weighs up drone deterrent options

Tom Burridge

BBC transport correspondent

Drone sightings caused days of disruption at Gatwick before Christmas
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Drone sightings caused days of disruption at Gatwick before Christmas

The BBC understands that the government is considering installing military-grade anti-drone equipment at all major UK airports, as well as at other critical infrastructure such as prisons and power stations.

Aviation Minister, Baroness Sugg, is meeting airport bosses this afternoon.

It follows the major disruption at Gatwick before Christmas and the suspension of departures from Heathrow for nearly an hour on Tuesday night following drone sightings at both airports.