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  1. Dorset mum trying to balance work and childcare with schools closed

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    Video caption: Dilemma of Gillingham factory worker not entitled to furlough - 'lose pay or use holiday'.
  2. Two new schools planned for county's troubled children

    Two new schools are to be built in Barrow and Carlisle to provide education for children who cannot attend mainstream establishments because of their social, emotional or mental health requirements.

    Officials say the number of youngsters requiring this type of education has increased, particularly in the Carlisle and Barrow areas.

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    There will be space for 40 pupils at each school, and £5m is being spent on new buildings at Channelside in Barrow, as we reported earlier this week, and in Harraby in Carlisle, as long as planning permission is granted.

    It's hoped the school in Carlisle will open in late 2021 and the Barrow school in 2022.

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    Video caption: Coronavirus: Fears for extra needs pupils entering jobs market

    How will students at special education school cope in the post-covid jobs market?

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    Video caption: Special educational needs families and the fight for education

    Some special educational needs families say they've found it difficult to access support during the pandemic.