Wearable technology

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    Video caption: Google Pixel Buds: 'Hissing' bugs those with good hearing

    Several wearers have complained of "hissing" and distortion in Google's premium earbuds.

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    Video caption: AO Air's face mask uses fans for cleaner breathing

    The fans de-pollute and cool the air meaning the mask does not need a tight seal against the face.

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    Video caption: Smart contact lens: 'Seriously sci-fi'

    Mojo Vision has revealed its new lens which puts augmented reality in front of your eyes.

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    Video caption: CES 2020: How AI fitness apps now rival personal trainers

    Could machine learning and voice recognition replace a personal trainer?

  5. Fitbit 'has an exceptionally strong brand'

    Leo Gebbie senior analyst, wearables & VR at CCS Insight, has some thoughts on that potential Google bid for Fitbit. He said:

    Quote Message: Fitbit has an exceptionally strong brand in the wearables space, with a large engaged user base and valuable user data. This has huge appeal to a data-driven business like Google. Although Google has been lukewarm in its commitment to wearables recently, this indicates it is serious about the segment and could provide a boost to its ambitions.