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Will’s a serial swiper, Alvin’s addicted, and Meggy's giving up.
Will's a serial swiper, Alvin's 'addicted' and Meggy's giving up. Do we know how dating apps affect us?

'Some of the worst messages received on dating apps'

The creator of 'Bye Felipe' shows us where people have gone "badly wrong" on dating apps.
On Tuesday 20th November 5 Live is hosting the #sextakeover - a day of programming focussed on sexual behaviour, relationships and attitudes in the UK.

As part of the event, Alexandra Tweten, creator of the 'Bye Felipe' social account, shares her thoughts of where people have gone "badly wrong" on dating apps.

The goal of the account is to call out "dudes who turn hostile when rejected or ignored" and has gained almost half a million followers across various social platforms.

Ghosting counselling for jilted lovers

Dating site offers advice for victims of online ghosting
Dating apps, where people try to find their soul-mate through swiping on their phones, are trying to stamp out the practice known as ghosting. Ghosting is where a person suddenly stops all contact with someone with no explanation. 

Kate Leaver is an author and journalist. She's been appointed by the Bumble dating app to help them deal with the problem.

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