Ocean pollution

North Cornwall cave 'full of tonnes of ghost gear'

BBC Radio Cornwall

Environmentalists say a cave in north Cornwall is completely full of what they say is "tonnes" of discarded fishing gear.

The so-called "ghost gear", as conservationists call it, is thought to have come from fishing boats, washed on to shore and trapped in a cave on a beach near Polzeath.

Such gear can include fishing nets, long lines, fish traps and lobster pots left drifting at sea, usually after being accidentally lost from fishing grounds or boats, or discarded in an emergency such as in a storm.

Local campaigner, Andy Frost, said he spent the weekend trying to move much of it on his own, but said it had become so tangled he was appealing for volunteers to help.

He said: "We need some manpower to get it up rocks and out of the cave", adding that his attempts to cut some of it into small, more manageable pieces was "a mission".

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