Water pollution

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    Video caption: Fears over single-use plastics beach waste

    As PPE use increases there's a concern masks and plastics may end up appearing on our beaches.

  2. 'Most of St Aubin's Bay safe for swimmers again'

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    St Aubin's Bay water has returned to 'excellent' following pollution into the bay after a slurry spill last week, but swimmers are still being advised to not use Victoria Pool.

    Samples indicate the water quality is excellent everywhere else in the bay, but Victoria Pool still shows poor quality and will be sampled again on Monday, the Government of Jersey said.

    Environmental Health recommends islanders chose not to swim in the pool, but says they can enjoy the rest of the beach and bathing waters.

  3. Jersey 'must take more care of water sources'

    BBC Radio Jersey

    Susie De Carteret

    A slurry spill in Jersey, which contaminated a reservoir, showed the island must take more care of its water sources, the environment minister has said.

    Deputy John Young said the island's streams needed to be protected from pollution more effectively in the future.

    He said: "We need to recognise these streams, not only are they beautiful and lovely sources of wildlife, they are feeding into our drinking water supply eventually.

    "We need to be more sustainable in our practices and we'll learn lessons from this incident once the investigation's complete."

    St Helier Constable Simon Crowcroft said he hoped the spill would be cleared quickly so people could be encouraged back to the beach.

    He added that he was glad there were no tourists affected as none were on the island during the Covid-19 lockdown.

    Mr Crowcroft said if visitors had been "prevented from using one of major beaches, that wouldn't send out a good signal".