Beauty standards

  1. No Keeping Up With Beauty Standards

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    Video caption: "Remember when it was all about tiny eyebrows and hair straightening?"

    "Remember when it was all about tiny eyebrows and hair straightening?" Bethany on ever changing beauty standards...

  2. Racism in the beauty industry

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    Video caption: Why cosmetic companies have a white bias

    Billions of black and Asian women are being overlooked by the cosmetics industry

  3. Challenging society's attitudes towards big women

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    Video caption: Sarah Mukabana is on a social media mission to speak up for the beauty of big women

    Sarah Mukabana is on a social media mission to speak up for the beauty of big women.

  4. Beauty salons are still waiting for advice on reopening

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    Video caption: There are concerns a third of salons won't survive the impact of coronavirus
  5. #Iamvisible campaign supports LGBTQ+ in pageants

    Miss Webber wearing a crown and a large ball-gown after winning a beauty pagent

    A new campaign called #Iamvisible set up by a beauty pageant queen aims to create visibility for the LGBTQ+ community in the sector.

    After winning national and international pageant competitions, Emma-Jay Webber from Bristol wanted to be a role model for plus size women but found that her sexuality was something she had to "keep under wraps".

    She said: "I've had some awkward moments, especially when entering international competitions with people asking where my husband is and feeling the tension in the room when my girlfriend who comes with me hugs me or holds my hand.

    "You're supposed to be your authentic self at these competitions but I know a lot of girls who won't come out through fear."

    She added: "The wording in the rules need to change as it says things like, you have to be born female or your title will be taken away if you fall pregnant."

    In response, she has set up the campaign #Iamvisible to help others in the LGBTQ++ community feel "represented" in fashion and beauty pageants.

    "I need to do this" she said.

    Emma with her partner holding an award
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    Video caption: Home hairdressing: The basic tips you need

    Radio 1 Newsbeat get hairdressers to give their best tips for cutting and managing your hair at home.

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    Video caption: Coronavirus: DIY hair shaving and beauty treatments

    As hair dye and clippers become the next thing on the stockpile list - we look at how people are managing their hair and beauty.

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    Video caption: Plus-size model: 'Beauty pageant helped me to love myself'

    Elinore Pheasant, 23, has suffered with anxiety and depression since she was a child.

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    Video caption: The studios teaching Trans women how to be more feminine

    Nicole Thornbur goes to specialist studios in Manchester which teach Trans women how to be more feminine.