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Former boss sues CBS over severance

Les Moonves
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Les Moonves, the former chief executive of CBS, is suing the US broadcaster over a $120m exit package he was denied after being terminated in December.

In July 2018, six women made claims of sexual harassment against Mr Moonves in the New Yorker.

CBS began investigating the claims, and Mr Moonves resigned in September, following fresh accusations from six more women in the same week. He was still in line for the exit package, pending the results of the investigation.

In December, CBS announced it would not be paying Mr Moonves any of the $120m exit package because he had misled investigators and destroyed evidence. These actions gave the broadcaster grounds to fire him, it said.

But Mr Moonves believes he was wrongfully terminated, and is now suing the broadcaster, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission document filed by CBS on Wednesday.